Grenade M 55

    grenade m 55
    55 M
    Caliber, mm 55
    length (grenade launcher / grenade) mm 1240/940
    Weight (grenade launcher / grenades) kg 8.5 / 2.5
    rds / min 5
    Penetration, mm 200
    Sighting range, m 300

    Grenade M 55 is designed to combat enemy armored targets, it shelters and fortifications.

    At launch tube attached pistol grip, telescopic sight and shoulder rest, designed for easy hold when firing a grenade launcher.

    trigger mechanism mounted in the pistol grip.

    At the launch tube has a pad of material termoupornogo excluding burn hand when shooting.

    Archery M 55 grenade being cumulative nadkalibernymi grenades.


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