Grenade M20 / M20A1 / M20A1V1 Super Bazooka

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    M20 «Super Bazooka»

    88.9-mm (3.5 ') antitank gun M20 «Super Bazooka» U.S. Army has adopted in 1945. True it came to the troops with a significant delay due to the fact that the end of the Second World War, the need for such weapons dropped sharply.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    When shooting

    Grenade M20 had much in common not only with its predecessor - a grenade launcher M9, but, oddly enough, with the "enemy" - the German antitank gun "Panzerschreck". Grenade Launcher «Panzerschreck» German engineers developed on the basis of captured American grenade M1 significantly superior to all models "bazookas." Therefore, when working on "Super Bazooka" was considered the German experience.

    During the existence of the M20 grenade launcher «Super Bazooka» several times subjected to modifications.

    Trunk "Super Bazooka" light - aluminum alloy, length 1,524 mm, understood when moving into two parts, each of length 762 mm. Weight varies depending on version: in M20 is 6.8 Kg, M20A1 - 6.4 Kg, M20A1B1 - 5.9 kg. Caliber all models the same - 88.9 mm. Induction generator electric igniter housed in the pistol grip. Grenade launcher equipped with an aluminum frame type shoulder rest, two-legged folding bipod and telescopic sight T90. Effective range of fire at a moving target was 200 yards (185 m), on a fixed - 300 yards (275 m). Maximum range to 900-960 yards (830 m). Trained payment could produce 12-18 rounds per minute, but the average rate was significantly less - 4-5 shot.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    Modification M20

    launcher tube stowed folded into two parts, divided between the bipod and sight.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    Grenade M28A2

    for comfortable hold when firing a grenade launcher has a shoulder rest, extra grip and bipod.

    To launch grenades, electric apply.

    Optical sight.

    Calculation M20 grenade «Super Bazooka» - two people.

    used for firing rocket grenade M28A2 and cumulative smoke grenade T127E3/M30 WP. Used for learning rocket-propelled grenade M29A2 with an inert warhead. Rocket-propelled grenades have the same length and 59.8 cm caliber - 88.9 mm (3.5 "), and consisted of the head of a ballistic cap and fuse with elektrozapalom jet engine, which was rigidly fixed tail stabilizer.

    differed mass grenades, their warheads (last saved with the total for all length - 26.8 cm), as well as composition, which warheads were filled and color. There were differences in and detonated.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    Modification M20
    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    Grenades M30 (T127E3)

    Weight M28A2 grenade was 4.08 kg, 0.85 kg of which accounts for a composite explosive Composition B (mixture of RDX with TNT in the ratio 64/36). Significantly increase the cumulative charge grenades allowed to punch homogeneous armor thickness up to 280 mm along the normal, which made the "Super Bazooka" of this "killer" anti-tank weapons. Speed grenades around 105 m / sec.

    Smoke Grenade T127E3/M30 WP intended for tseliukazaniya and smoke screen. As the smoke producing substance served as white phosphorus. Charge weight 1.06 kg. In both garnets used inertial fuse M404A1 or M404A2.

    Training grenade M29A2 looks no different from the cumulative and smoke (with the latter, and it had the same weight - 4.06 kg). The head part was filled with plaster. Training M405 fuze outwardly no different from fighting M404.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka
    Grenade M29A2

    Furthermore, M20 grenade launcher, in addition to combat armored vehicles, has been successfully used for the destruction of long-gun emplacements and destroy infantry as unsheltered or in shelters.

    used by all sides in the Korean, Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli, Indo-Pakistani wars and countless local, M20 was spread quite comparable to that which has the Russian RPG-7 today. Received a trophy in the Korean War, started the production of M20 China called M51.

    Throughout the 1950s, the M20 grenade launcher was completed all the native armor (except tanks) of the U.S. Army. In the army M20 grenade launchers were in the 1960s decommissioned. They were replaced in 1957 came to 90 mm RPG M67.

    long time remained M20 hand grenade regular anti NATO and the French army. In the Danish army they were replaced by the new 84-mm M2 RPG "Carl Gustav" only in the late 1970s, the city

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    M20 M20A1 M20A1V1
    Caliber, mm 88.9
    Length in firing position, mm 1524
    Length, stowed, mm 762
    Weight 6.8 6.4 5.9
    Effective range, m 185 - 275
    Maximum firing range 830
    Airspeed grenades, m / s 105
    Rate of fire / min 4-5

    significant amount of "Super Bazooka" by 1980 remained in service with the army in Greece.

    In France, despite the development of its own 73-mm anti-tank grenade launcher LRAC Mle 50, "Super Bazooka" was in service until the end of 1960, when she was replaced by 89-mm LRAC Mle F1.

    His options

    M20 produced in Austria and Spain.

    Grenade M20 and its modifications were delivered to many countries and still used today in virtually all corners of the world.

    In countries such as Tunisia and Morocco M20 «Super Bazooka» continued his service in the XXI century.


    M20 and weapons of Palestinian militants.

    M20 grenade launcher / m20a1 / m20a1v1 super bazooka

    Super Bazooka
    In the stowed position


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