Grenade M72 LAW

    grenade m72 law
    In the stowed position

    American M72 LAW rocket launcher designed to combat armored targets and shelters enemy at short distances, mainly in urban fighting.

    granatomet m72 law
    When shooting

    In the mid 1950s, the U.S. Army began research to develop effective anti-tank weapons, suitable for use by individual soldiers on the battlefield (lightweight antitank weapon - LAW, light anti-tank weapons).

    direct development LAW system was launched in February 1958, the American company Hesse Eastern Co, in 1959 passed the first test, and in March 1961 this weapon was made by the U.S. Army under the designation M72 LAW.

    Mass production

    M72 grenade launcher was established by Talley Defense Systems.

    The concept of the new weapons lay German idea of a disposable anti-tank weapon Panzerfaust, the spent more during the Second World War, however, the Americans developed it considerably, replacing recoilless rocket firing circuit, as well as applying the first sliding transport and launch container which protects the grenade at storing and transporting in battle.

    M72 LAW is a one-time starter, fit in the factory with rocket-propelled grenades cumulative piercing warhead.

    grenade m72 law
    In a combat situation

    trunk trigger device telescopic unthreaded. The trunk consists of two tubes - aluminum inner and outer fiberglass. Grenade launcher is mounted on the body of the starter and outdoor mechanical sight.

    granatomet m72 law
    M72 grenade In the stowed position

    reactive aluminum garnet is located inside the tube, which in turn is located in the rear portion of the outer plastic tube.
    On both sides of the launcher tube closed flaps, acting as a transport container.
    Before shooting the cover folded, and the inner tube extends from the outer back, which automatically is cocked the hammer mechanism and disclosure of convertible sight. Shooter establishes a launch tube shoulder, aim and pressing the shutter button launches the rocket grenades.
    Solid-propellant motor grenades fully developed his charge inside a launch tube, on a trajectory to stabilize garnet sofa tail.
    After starting the empty launch canister thrown.

    Caliber, mm 66
    Length, stowed, mm 665
    Length in firing position, mm 899
    grenade Weight, kg 3.45
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 150-200
    Sighting range, m 300
    Penetration, mm 305

    trunk (launch tube) M72 open behind the shot behind the arrow image of the danger zone deeper than 15 meters.

    M72 grenade consists of gunpowder engines M54 and M18 warheads or M18A1.

    Older model series M72 grenade «Improved LAW», available in different versions, are more powerful rocket motor provides greater initial velocity and greater range, as well as more powerful warhead.

    since 2005 has been adjusted issue upgraded model M72 LAW - grenade M72E10.

    M72A6 and M72A7 options designed to deal with lightly armored targets (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles) and with the infantry in shelters - they have less Penetration, but more powerful zabronevoe damaging effect.

    granatomet m72 law
    M72 LAW
    When using the Disposable

    antitank grenade M72 LAW widely and successfully used by the Americans during the Vietnam War, both for combat armor North Vietnamese army and to destroy enemy infantry, ukryvsheysya in various structures and light barriers.

    In the United States, disposable M72 grenade launchers were accepted for service in a number of countries around the world.

    M72 LAW system served as a model for the creation of many other similar designs, such as the Swedish disposable launcher AT4 anti-tank grenades and Soviet RPG-18.

    After adopting the U.S. significantly more effective disposable grenade M136 (manufactured in the USA grenade Swedish SAAB Bofors AT4) supply series M72 LAW rocket launchers to the troops was discontinued, but the system will continue to produce M72 in the United States by Talley Defense Systems in variants «Improved LAW ».

    grenade m72 law

    With ammunition used


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