Grenade M79

    grenade m79
    In a combat situation
    granatomet m79
    In the stowed position Hand grenade M79

    designed to engage manpower, transportation and light armored vehicles of the enemy at ranges up to 400 m


    40-mm grenade launcher M79, also known as the unofficial nickname "Thumper" or "Blooper", began in 1951, when the U.S. Army made demands for a new infantry weapons with a fragmentation warhead that can bridge the gap between hand grenades (maximum throwing distance of 50 meters) and mortars (minimum firing range of about 400 meters).

    granatomet m79
    When shooting

    By 1952, developed the first version of such a fragmentation warhead in a 40-mm sphere with hollow walls filled with ready-striking elements in the form of steel balls, and filled inside the explosive. However, this solution proved to be too expensive, and because in its final form spherical body was made from a grenade wound on a mandrel and welded steel wire square section. To ensure uniform fragmentation wire had special transverse incisions. The resulting garnet (index M406) provided solid splinter radius of 5 meters, but for now it had to be developed, and means of delivery to the target.

    project to create a new weapon was codenamed PROJECT NIBLICK (Niblick - slang designation of a golf club, designed for long-range strikes, the name was chosen because of the similarity of the spherical grenades with a golf ball).

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    Caliber, mm 40
    Weight 2.72
    Length mm 737
    Barrel length, mm 356
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s
    Effective range, m 350
    Maximum firing range, m 400
    rds / min 5-7

    Between 1952 - 1953 the Army's Picatinny Arsenal (Picatinny Armory) developed based on the new 40-mm grenade shot with aluminum sleeve length of 46 mm. New ammo used when firing the principle of "high - low pressure." Inside the sleeve is located at its bottom a small chamber, and in which there is a powder charge. This chamber is connected to the inside of the empty shells several channels through which the shot powder gases fall from the high pressure chamber in a hollow shell (low pressure chamber). Thus, the high pressure needed for complete combustion of the powder charge, develops only inside the small solid chamber and inside the sleeve and the barrel, gas pressure is relatively low, and that leads to the barrel and the sleeve is easy. Initial velocity grenades under this system only about 75 m / s, but this is enough to ensure maximum range of 400 meters, with a moderate recoil.

    After a series of tests and experiments to the 1960 Springfield armory (Springfield Armory) developed under the new M406 grenade simple single-shot grenade launcher, M79 received official index.

    Grenade M79 - single-shot weapon with a rifled barrel.

    Sights open and a front sight and a folding rear sight in the stowed position with multiple brands, calculated at a range of 75 to 375 meters, the 25 meters.
    Wooden butt and fore end, on the butt made rubber butt recoil.
    On the bed there sling for a gun belt.

    granatomet m79
    When reloading

    To recharge the barrel swings down, if necessary, it is removed from cartridge cases, thrower then invests in new barrel grenade and closes the trunk.
    Management node locking barrel by turning the key in the rear of the receiver, the type of hunting rifles.
    While reloading weapons hidden automatically cocking the trigger and setting the trigger to fuse, fuse off by pressing the button, located behind the locking key.

    Over the next 10 years (M79 production in the United States was completed in 1971) was produced over 300,000 launchers. They are widely used by the Americans in the Vietnam War and in several other conflicts, where shown to be a reliable, simple and accurate weapon - an experienced shooter could easily get from the M79 in the window of the building on the first shot at a distance up to 150 meters.

    granatomet m79
    Grenades for M79 In

    fragmentation grenade M406 to M79 were quickly developed and other types of grenades - high-explosive, armor-piercing, smoke, incendiary, tear gas, training, signaling, lighting, etc.

    main drawback M79 was that grenade had to carry, except M79 grenades and stock still and any other weapon for self-defense - often a gun or submachine gun. Precisely because of this in 1971 was replaced by the M79 grenade launcher grenade launcher M203, installed into the rifle.


    U.S. M79 grenade used in the armed forces of Australia, El Salvador, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Korea and South Africa and other countries.

    grenade m79



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