Grenade Metal Storm


    grenade metal storm
    Grenade Metal Storm
    On a combined system
    Multicharged grenade firm Metal Storm is an easy-rifled barrel with electronics and fire control without any moving parts.

    shots as various types of grenades are placed directly into the barrel, and powder charges are placed directly into the barrel also without sleeves - the well-known scheme for many centuries "Roman candle" is often used in pyrotechnics. Inflammation charges - electric, controlled by a special electronic circuit installed in the walls through the trunk electric igniters (kind of like automobile spark plugs). Such shops are loaded with trunks only in the factory, and before firing platform mounted on a carrier (for example, the combined assault rifle AICW or a small wheeled robot). For product shots on target weapon induced using sighting system, and then shot by pressing the start button or trigger combined arms. In this electronic circuit applies a voltage to the ignition of the powder charge in the front trunk, and takes the first shot (the very front of the barrel) grenades. If you press the shutter release button ignites the second charge and the next shot grenades. Depending on the gauge and type of garnet, on the trunk module can be placed grenade from 3 to 6 charges.

    grenade Prototypes tested in mid 2005 within the AICW had in the trunk of three grenades caliber 40 mm. In addition, each following a grenade goes in the barrel as far as the previous one, which requires a very accurate selection of powder charges for each shot, as well as taking into account variables such as ambient temperature. It is therefore an integral part of each stem store (which is, in fact, a separate weapon, only without the box and the trigger) is a special electronic control circuit shooting. In addition, a large enough barrel length and strength have improved the initial velocity grenades from 75 m / s. (Typical for systems like the M203) to 95 m / s. grenade in Metal Storm. However, this increase muzzle energy, and as a consequence - the recoil required introduction to design carriers grenade special recoil spring dampers.

    Caliber 40 mm
    (Other calibers)
    Type With tandem
    Garnet in the barrel store
    Under the "Roman candle"
    Up to 400 m
    3 grenades in a removable trunk

    advantage of Metal Storm grenade is their exceptional mechanical simplicity (this is especially important from the point of view of the user - the arrow), the absence of moving parts, minimal "dead" weight. It also states that for equipment Metal Storm can be used with minimal upgrading all existing types of grenades desired size (currently focused on the development of the most popular for hand grenade caliber of 40 mm).

    disadvantage is that peresnaryazhenie trunks stores possible only in the factory - in conditions of actual combat empty (used) trunks, likely to be simply discarded. Although, given that Australia, unlike the United States, with a very low probability will get involved in any future armed conflicts, ammunition consumption is relatively small, and the dignity of Metal Storm technology in this respect is more than cover all its possible shortcomings. Electronic shooting mode can also create problems - unlike with conventional shock grenade ignition, Metal Storm requires a source of electric current, and the battery is known to have a nasty habit discharged. However, there maybe a reliable solution in the form of electric current pulse generators, actuated by pulling the trigger, similar to those used in the Russian RPG-16 and RPG-29.

    grenade metal storm
    circuit 40 mm. triply grenade Metal Storm,
    Installed on the combined system AICW


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