Grenade Milkor MGL

    grenade milkor mgl
    Milkor MGL Mk.1

    Development multiply charged grenade Milkor MGL, calculated under the low-speed 40 mm caliber grenade (40h46) was launched in South Africa in the early 1980s, based on the successful experience of operating singly American M79 grenade launchers.

    granatomet milkor mgl
    Milkor MGL Mk.1S

    In 1981, the company introduced the first prototype Milkor grenade YMGL, and in 1983 started its mass production under the symbol Milkor MGL (Multi-shot Grenade Launcher).

    In 1996 appeared somewhat improved in detail modification Milkor MGL Mk.1, and in 2004 there were still two modifications - Milkor MGL Mk.1S and Milkor MGL Mk.1L (also referred to as the MGL-140).

    Depending on the modification guides available on the grenade type Picatinny rail on the trunk for fastening additional sights and other accessories, as well as reshaped butt and length of the drum.

    In addition, option MGL Mk.1L / MGL-140 has an elongated drum, allowing it to charge non-lethal grenades (gas, rubber buckshot) having a greater length of the warhead.

    granatomet milkor mgl
    Milkor MGL Mk.1
    With the loading

    six-Milkor MGL grenade launcher is a weapon revolver.

    Loading the drum is breech, after the rear of the grenade launcher with a pistol grip is tilted sideways and upwards.

    Rotation of the drum is

    spring vzvodimoy manually during loading.

    trigger mechanism of self-cocking, has a manual safety.

    Fuse weapons - both sides, is located on the pistol grip.

    distinctive feature grenade MGL - ratchet to turn the drum is released by the action moved from the barrel of powder gases during firing acting on the piston plunger. This decision, though complicates the design of weapons, but allows in case of misfire try to shoot the same grenade again (just pull the trigger), and safely wait time in case of a prolonged shot (the Osieczna grenade is still in front of the barrel). < / p>

    grenade launcher equipped with regular dot sight mounted on an adjustable base and having the scale to enter corrections on the firing range.

    MGL Mk.1 MGL Mk.1S MGL Mk.1L
    Caliber, mm 40
    Weight without grenades, kg 5.3 5.6 6.0
    Length (stock
    Decomposed / complex) mm
    730/630 787/661 787/661
    Barrel length, mm 310 310 310
    Drum capacity,
    Count. Garnet
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    150 - point targets;
    400 - area targets

    folding buttstock, can be equipped with shock-absorbing rubber butt pad.

    Milkor MGL grenade quickly gained worldwide popularity and has been adopted by the Army and other security forces in more than thirty countries.

    In the U.S.

    Milkor MGL-140 became known as the grenade Milkor M32 MGL.

    Also in Croatia was launched production of fine unlicensed copy Milkor MGL factory RH Alan.

    Grenade Milkor MGL provides high mobility and considerable firepower, especially useful during the passing maneuver combat, including in the city.

    Especially for cars and light boats by Milkor twin installation was designed grenade launchers MGL, providing significant firepower in a short period of time.

    grenade milkor mgl
    Milkor MGL Mk.1L / MGL-140


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