Grenade Mk.153 / Mark 153 SMAW

    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw
    In combat-ready position, with the attached transport and launch container with the missile
    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw
    When shooting

    Rocket launcher Mark 153 (Mk.153) SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon - multipurpose assault weapons, shoulder-launched) was developed in the early 1980s, a division of the American company MakDonel Douglas and was accepted adopted the U.S. Marine Corps.

    Long-term development time

    SMAW were associated not so much with the design problems as tactical. Military could not accurately determine the place and role of the new weapons in infantry weapons. Only after the test on the battlefield during the Gulf War (1991) it was decided to supply the troops.

    production and further modification of complex SMAW became involved in the company Talley Defence Systems.

    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw
    Starting device

    SMAW system is a reusable rocket launching device, consisting of a starting device and the acceding transport and launch container.

    trigger device consists of unthreaded barrel caliber 83 mm, made of fiberglass, which is attached to the fire control unit with two handles and trigger bracket for mounting sights, and included adjustment 9mm gun.

    Trigger electromagnetic type with a safety device is mounted in a housing with a pistol grip.


    sight for SMAW is a daytime riflescope multiplicity of 3.6x, which can be replaced with a night sight. Additionally, there is a backup iron sight.

    < td> 4.3 - 6.9
    Caliber, mm 83
    Weight starting device, kg 7.25
    TPK grenade Weight, kg
    length starting device, mm 825
    length grenade with TPK mm 1375
    initial velocity grenades, m / s 220
    Effective range, m 500

    In two handles and shoulder rest starter SMAW equipped folding bipod near the center of mass for firing from a prone position.

    To increase the likelihood of hitting the target set in the SMAW system includes semi-automatic gun included adjustment 9mm using special ammunition with a tracer bullet. Shotgun shells are in detachable box stores that accommodate 6 rounds. Ballistics bullets these cartridges with the same ballistics missiles at ranges of up to 500 meters. When aiming shooter performs a coarse tip using a conventional, optical or night sight, and then opens fire with rifle sighting in order to enter on lines bullets necessary amendments in sight. After the bullets fall into the desired target shooter switches trigger on a rocket and launches. Naturally, the use of guns is not necessarily sighting, and small distances or lack of time the missile can be launched without zeroing.

    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw
    Cartridge 9x51mm Mark 217 Mod 0
    For sighting rifle SMAW

    sighting gun can be mounted either to the right of the launch tube, or under it with a pistol grip. It has a simple trigger mechanism.

    Separately should be noted that included adjustment gun and ammunition for it developed in the UK for anti-LAW-80 system, and the system itself SMAW is a further development of the Israeli anti-B-300 grenade launcher.

    standard calculation grenade SMAW - two people, shooter and his assistant - charging, but if necessary fire SMAW and can lead one person.

    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw
    Grenades for SMAW

    Multiple use SMAW system provides a wide enough selection of types of ammunition for it. All munitions have the same structure (with the tail of the rocket engine and feather folding stabilizers) and ballistics. The basic types are two - warhead type HEDP (high explosive, to deal with bunkers and other fortified points, light armor - armor - 25 mm of steel armor, or 30 cm brick wall, concrete or 20 cm) and HEAA (armor-piercing cumulative allows amaze tanks not equipped with active armor - armor 580-600 mm.). Was additionally launched production missiles with warheads: type FTG (Follow-Through, tandem warhead (BSc), designed to engage manpower in shelters, the first warhead hit a hole in the hedge, and then followed her for obstruction enters second, and fragmentation warhead strikes are in hiding soldiers) type CPR (Common Practice - training with inert warhead) type CS (Confined Space - a warhead type HEDP and special measures to reduce exhaust trigger to fire from enclosed spaces). Most new type of warhead for SMAW is NE (Novel Explosive - thermobaric warhead high explosive).

    grenade mk.153 / mark 153 smaw

    missiles of various types for SMAW grenade delivered to the troops in disposable transport-launch containers (TLC), before shooting attachable to breech the starter.

    Grenade SMAW was recognized as an effective tool for shooting fortifications and light armored targets.


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