Grenade Mk18 / Mark 18

    launcher mk18 / mark 18

    Mounted on a boat

    During the U.S. war in Vietnam by American troops rather successfully used single-shot 40 mm grenade launcher M79, providing effective engagement of targets at ranges of up to 350-400 meters. The main drawback of this weapon was that the grenade had to be in possession, except M79, and the stock of grenades, and even some other weapon for self-defense, that did not suit the military.

    Caliber, mm 40h46
    Length mm 560
    without ammunition Weight, kg 8.6
    Rate of fire / min 250
    Effective range, m 375
    Weight box with ribbon on 48 shots, kg 35
    As a result

    formed two development concepts grenade:

    Individual grenade.
    Results of development are such samples as a grenade launcher CGL-4 / XM148 and pump-action grenade launcher EX-41, and later widely known M203.Oruzhie support grenade launcher designed to fire from the machine or mobile platform (helicopter, boat, car).
    One of the first examples of the second concept became launcher Mk18 mod 0.

    first samples grenade Mk18 (Mark 18) were developed Honeywell Corporation in 1962, set himself the task of developing a simple, cheap and reliable enough high-velocity grenade launcher, which could be delivered to the position of the team of two people. The design of the grenade was patented in 1964.

    launcher mk18 / mark 18
    Installed in the vehicle

    Unlike other designers who went the hard way making full automatic grenade launcher, Honeywell Corporation appealed to the "basics" of automatic weapons - kartechnitsa Gatling - circuit split gate. Mk18 grenade launcher mechanism was powered shooter with a rotary knob located on the right side of the weapon. Thus, the rate of fire was completely dependent on the physical capabilities arrow and ranged up to 250 rounds per minute.

    grenade was designed to use the same garnet (40h46 mm) as in the M79 grenade launcher. Food Mark 18 ammunition was carried out fiberglass tapes Mylar or Dacron, capacity 24 and 48 grenades (tape 48 shots came with metal box for patrol boats and boats on tape 24 - a small round box, light enough for use in the field) .

    the rear of the weapon was located translator from a safe position, Enables' safe ',' Light 'and' Recycle ».

    Sights consisted of an open convertible ring-type sight.

    launcher mk18 / mark 18

    Top view

    Mark 18 grenade launcher, as a rule, intended for use on stationary patrol boats and protected positions (bunkers, fortified trenches, bunkers). It was installed on different machines and could be paired with machine guns M-2HB, M-60, M-1919, or used on their tripods and tripod.

    launcher mk18 / mark 18
    Mounted on the machine

    Design grenade was quite simple and reliable that it can be learned in the shortest possible time. The low weight for such weapons and small size grenade was quite mobile. In addition, in the production of it was very cheap and easy.

    According to test results

    Mk18 mod 0 was found that the grenade launcher capable of doing at least 5000 shots without jamming and delays, but it is often the first 2,000 rounds have occurred due to the unstable rate of fairly abrupt stop driving after firing handle and inadequate projection drummer. A disadvantage of belt arms were also used for the supply of ammunition that can not use more than 5 times, after which their use could lead to jamming of the grenade launcher or tear tape across the gap between the grenades. In addition, although the grenade launcher and provide sufficiently dense and accurate fire at ranges up to 375 meters, and used in the shots 40h46 mm could not provide the same effective range, which allows 40x53 mm grenades.

    Mark 18 grenade launcher was not in the full sense of the automatic weapon and was essentially a preparatory stage for fully automatic guns. Small firing range due to the use of low-speed shots from the M79 hand grenade, and manual drive mechanisms have become its main disadvantage, and soon came to replace the Mk18 automatic grenade launcher Mk19, using shots 40x53 mm.

    Until 1968 it was released around 1200 Mark 18 grenade mod 0. During the U.S. war in Vietnam, it was used by such units as the River Rats (River Rats) and SEALs.

    launcher mk18 / mark 18

    Coaxial machine gun M-2NV


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