Grenade MRG-1

    grenade MRG-1
    MRG-1 To protect

    near zone of protected objects from underwater sabotage forces (PDS) at distances up to 500 meters at the state research and production enterprise "Basalt" was developed multiple rocket launcher MRG-1.

    In 1971, multiple rocket launcher MRG-1 was adopted by the Soviet Navy.

    Grenade is a 7-barrel rocket launcher, consisting of block mounted on a tripod trunks, independent power supply and cables.

    Thanks to its light weight (about 60 kg), and the block design, permitting its disassembly, a grenade launcher can be quickly installed in minutes in a dedicated deck of the ship or on shore and prepared to fire.


    chain firing a grenade launcher is remotely controlled from a distance of 30 m from the independent power supply, so it can be installed in any position, including not having a steady supply.

    In order to increase the kill zone when shooting underwater saboteurs volley barrel grenade launcher located in the block in parallel, and several separated the sides in such a way that each of them shot his, well defined point in the area.

    Archery MRG-1 can be manufactured as a single-shot and volley.

    grenade MRG-1
    Grenades to MRG-1

    firing a grenade launcher being reactive 55-mm high-explosive grenades RG-55M, which resemble miniature depth charges, and consist of a jet engine with an annular stabilizer and combat unit with fuse. The front part of the fuse is in the shape of a truncated hemisphere, thereby avoiding grenades bounce when they hit the water. Fuse, which operates at any angle of approach to water grenades, has several settings depth blasting manually installed special key before loading grenades in the trunk. Defeat the enemy frogmen explosive grenades carried out at a distance of 50 to 500 m

    grenade MRG-1
    With the loading

    -explosive grenade strikes effectively combat swimmer within 16 m over the entire range of depths, where it is possible to find. Especially effective for shooting a volley in advance of the detected target. In this case the affected area is increased sevenfold.

    to indicate the location of detected underwater saboteurs grenade ammunition in MRG-1 was included reactive signal grenade GDS-55 torch which provides guidance on the water surface for aimed fire high-explosive grenades.


    jet engine grenades carried by electric igniter through contact on the ring bus regulator.


    grenade MRG-1 crew of two people: the loader (aka Gunner) and the operator directly carrying out fire from a grenade launcher.

    multiple rocket launcher

    MRG-1 can be installed on surface ships, boats, auxiliary vessels and onshore (naval bases, ports, various waterworks).


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