Grenade Norinco PF-89

    grenade norinco pf-89
    Norinco PF-89

    grenade Chinese Norinco PF-89 is designed to combat enemy armored targets, destruction of shelters and strong points of enemy defenses.

    Caliber, mm 80
    Length mm 900
    Curb grenade launcher, kg
    grenades Weight, kg 1,84
    (At an angle of 65 degrees), mm
    (At 90 degrees), mm
    Sighting range, m 200

    Grenade Norinco PF-89 was developed and became commercially produced Chinese company Norinco.

    Grenade Norinco PF-89 disposable.

    launch canister Norinco PF-89 is used to transport and launch rocket propelled grenade. In the stowed position is closed on both sides with rubber caps, which prevent foreign objects and prevent displacement grenades.

    Corpus launch container is made of fiberglass. On top of it has a handle for carrying a grenade launcher, with the left side of the primitive optical sight, the right side of the belt is attached to carry a grenade launcher at the bottom assembled trigger mechanism.

    pistol grip rotary stowed it covers a trigger.

    Container is 80 mm rocket-propelled grenade with a HEAT warhead and piezoelectric fuze. The engine is solid, stabilized flight eight blades.

    grenade norinco pf-89

    Norinco PF-89


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