Grenade Panzerfaust 3

    grenade panzerfaust 3
    Panzerfaust 3
    In a combat situation, with the standard optical sight

    grenade Panzerfaust 3 is the third generation of hand-held antitank grenade launchers, leading descended from Panzerfaust grenade during the Second World War.

    Development of a new

    grenade was launched in Germany in 1978 by Dynamit-Nobel AG under the designation Panzerfaust 60/100 (the numbers indicate caliber of the barrel and the warhead, respectively).

    grenade panzerfaust 3
    Panzerfaust 3-T600
    In a combat situation, with a computerized aiming system Dynarange

    grenade was adopted by the Bundeswehr (German army) in 1987, and its mass production Dynamit-Nobel AG beginning in 1990. Besides Germany, ammunition for Panzerfaust 3 have been producing under license in South Korea and Switzerland, where these launchers were taken into service.

    granatomet panzerfaust 3
    German soldiers expels of Panzerfaust 3

    family grenade Panzerfaust 3 includes a variety of samples, for both anti-tank and other types of targets.

    grenade Panzerfaust 3 structurally consists of a control unit and a disposable fire starting device, is creating an open on both sides of the barrel caliber 60 mm, filled at the factory with a grenade and expelling charge.

    used for firing grenades nadkalibernye cumulative. The design is based on the scheme grenade Davis. When launching grenades powder gases not directly derive from the launch tube, and pushed out of its tail section protivomassu and powder gases completely out through the muzzle. This solution is allowed to produce a shot from an enclosed space (tank, APC, IFV, room, etc.), provided that the muzzle is outside the enclosed space.

    grenade panzerfaust 3
    Panzerfaust 3-IT600
    In a combat situation, with a computerized aiming system Dynarange
    granatomet panzerfaust 3
    Computerized sighting system
    In the stowed position (arm and shoulder rest stacked)

    Before shooting fire control module is connected to a triggering device outfit, after firing an empty trunk is disconnected from the control of fire and thrown, and fire control module if necessary following equipment attached to the trunk. Fire control modules are unified interface and can be used with any type of family shots Panzerfaust 3.

    The basic version control module includes fire trigger and safety mechanisms, folding handles (front and rear), folding shoulder rest and optical sight with a rangefinder grid.

    Also for

    grenade Panzerfaust 3 was developed and launched production of an improved fire control module called Dynarange. It includes an optical sight, laser rangefinder and ballistic computer, which on the basis of a laser range finder puts in sight sight reticle. In computer memory laid ballistic tables for all types of grenades produced Panzerfaust of 3. Through this sighting system significantly increased the effective range of tanks - from 300-400 to 600 meters, which reflect the number "600" in the notation new grenade Panzerfaust 3.

    Disposable launchers used dinamoreaktivny launch by lifting charge and protivomassy (metal powder) emitted from the barrel back to compensate for recoil. After the departure of the barrel grenade further accelerated using rocket, grenade stabilization carried folding stabilizers.


    Panzerfaust 3 produced a number of types of shots. The main considered DM12 shot with a cumulative piercing warhead, as well as more new DM21 shot with a tandem warhead designed to destroy tanks equipped with active protection.

    grenade panzerfaust 3
    Panzerfaust 3
    In the embodiment Bunkerfaust 3

    Also for Panzerfaust 3 was launched production of dual-mode shots with a tandem with rising booster charge. When shooting at tanks before firing initiating charge is pushed forward, and serves to destroy the active protection before the main HEAT warhead. When shooting light armored Target retractable charge is recessed into the body warhead and undermined simultaneously by increasing the charge Blast effect. In addition, the option is available with 3 shots Bunkerfaust multipurpose penetrating fragmentation warhead, which is undermined by a small slowdown after breaking through barriers, ensuring the defeat of the enemy's manpower behind cover.

    < td> Panzerfaust 3-IT600 < td> 300 - 400
    Panzerfaust 3 Panzerfaust 3-T600 Panzerfaust 3 Bunkerfaust
    trunk Caliber, mm 60
    caliber grenades, mm 110
    Length mm 1230 1200 1200 1200
    Weight in firing position, kg 12,8 13,2 14,3 12,6
    Effective range, m 600 600 600
    Penetration, mm 400 700 + reactive armor reactive armor 900 + 17 - armor,
    360 - Brick Wall


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