Grenade "Pencil»

    grenade « » pencil case
    Disposable Hand grenade "Pencil»

    40mm disposable hand grenade "foam" developed in the late 1970s by Valery Nikolayevich Telesh.

    Hand grenade

    disposable "foam" designed under certain circumstances to replace a hand grenade (which, as is well known, it is possible to throw the strength of 30-40 m).


    "foam" and in fact reminds student membership, but lets throw VOG-25 100-300 m

    Grenade "Pencil" - a thin-walled aluminum rifled barrel without sight, in the middle of which is the breech with a simple hammer mechanism.


    inserted VOG-25 (VOG-25 P), or shot with a "bird cherry" is back protivomassa - aluminum or plastic plates that are released, reducing returns.

    Caliber, mm 40
    Length, m 0.2
    grenade Weight, kg 0.7
    firing range, m 300

    Drummer "foam" cocked advance and stands on predohronitelnoy check - again, like a hand grenade.

    ends of the trunk closed legkorazrushaemymi airtight lid.


    shot you just have to remove the safety pin, take in hand with "pencil cases" aside, do not catch themselves and neighbors of the emerging protivomassoy, send it on purpose, to give to the remote scale elevation and press the trigger.

    special accuracy is required, the main thing - it is the damaging effect of the fragments.

    The cost of manufacturing

    grenade does not greatly exceed the cost of manufacturing a shot under-barrel grenade launcher, but the launcher allows hitting targets at ranges up to 300 m

    «Penal» can be used not only for shooting grenades, but also grenades filled with irritant CS or rubber bullets.


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