Grenade PIAT

    grenade piat
    granatomet piat
    Used British soldier

    Grenade PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti Tank) - anti-tank weapon of World War II.

    Shotgun called PIAT (infantry antitank grenade launcher) by the British infantry was adopted in 1942. It was a combination of two anti-tank rifles, developed in 1941 by engineers and Jeffrey Wells. Was supervised by Colonel Blanker.

    This weapon was a something between infantry and artillery and rocket systems.

    grenade piat
    granatomet piat
    PIAT grenade
    Clearly visible tray grenade Construction

    weapons is relatively simple. It is a tube diameter of 76 mm. and a length of 610 mm. To the front of the tube is welded tray installation rocket propelled grenade, and secured on the back of the T-shaped shoulder rest. In the pipe mounted gate-drummer for the production of the first shot, which is cocked manually. Ignited after breaking the capsule charge forward and throws a grenade at the same time the shutter-drummer returns to its original position, placing it cocked. Thus, PIAT can be attributed to the semi-automatic weapons. Because the lifting charge grenades burned before its full exit from the tray, for a gun was not formed a jet of hot gases (unmasking trace), which allowed for sniping.

    caliber grenades, mm 89
    grenades Weight, kg 1.4
    Weight without grenades, kg 14.4
    Length (total), mm 990
    Sighting range, m 100
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 137
    Rate of fire rds / min 5-8
    Practical rate

    PIAT grenade was 5-8 rounds per minute. Sighting range was about 100 meters at maximum range antitank grenades at 250 meters.

    In World War II used three types of grenades to the gun PIAT: anti, fragmentation and smoke. Penetration antitank grenades reached 120 mm., Which theoretically allows the British infantry using «PIAT» fight with almost all enemy tanks.

    used for firing rifle grenades consisted of fuze body, lifting the tail of the cartridge and with plumage.

    PIAT Grenade also allowed to conduct hinged fire fragmentation grenades at a range of 350 meters, serving sometimes replacing the mortar.

    granatomet piat

    This versatility combined with the simplicity of the weapon contributed to the grenade launcher was used by British and Canadian troops on all fronts, and also supplied the Allies and the Resistance forces.

    After the Second World War PIAT was used in local conflicts (in particular in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948) and was in the armies of countries - the former British dominions, and a number of Arab countries, the armies which were created under the influence of English ( Jordan, Egypt, Iraq). However, it was quickly replaced by the more advanced "bazooka". Armed with grenade IDF lasted until the second half of the 50s. In the British Army PIAT removed from service in 1951.


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