Grenade QLZ-87 / W87

    grenade qlz-87 / w87
    A pilot version

    Grenade QLZ-87 is primarily designed for close infantry support and has a compact and small (for its class) mass.

    get comprehensive operating experience (not licensed) copies of Soviet AGS-17 grenade launcher, the Chinese formed their vision infantry grenade launcher, a clear preference for maneuverability weapons to the detriment of his firepower, especially in providing dense fire suppression.

    grenade qlz-87 / w87
    Bipod drum 6 shots
    "Light" configuration
    grenade qlz-87 / w87
    Mounted on a combat vehicle

    Work on the new launcher began in the late 1980s, and in the mid-1990s began testing 35 mm. W87 automatic grenade launcher who had feed store.

    According to test results

    design grenade was significantly revised, and in the early 2000s adopted the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) began to enter 35 mm. automatic grenade labeled QLZ-87.

    Weapon can be applied with a light integral bipod, with machine-tripod or combat vehicles (mostly SUVs).

    Grenade QLZ-87 were adopted by the Chinese garrison in Hong Kong, as well as in a number of parts, "guarding" the strait between the mainland and the island of Taiwan.

    grenade qlz-87 / w87
    The machine-tripod with a drum on 15 shots
    "Heavy" configuration
    grenade qlz-87 / w87
    Chinese soldiers firing from a grenade launcher

    automatic grenade QLZ-87 is based on a gas operated with rigid barrel locking using a butterfly valve. Automatic vapor similar to that of M16 and uses direct draining of gases in the bolt group; design has a manual gas regulator. Such a system is obviously used to reduce the weight of the moving parts of automation.

    In addition, Chinese designers abandoned relatively complex feeder belt in favor of a simple supply stores. Submission of ammunition is the bottom of the drum shops adjoin capacity of 6 or 15 shots. 6-charging drums, usually used when shooting with a bipod, 15-shooter when firing from the machine or equipment.

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    pistol grip fire control is placed horizontally at a slight downward angle on the right side of the weapon, it also serves to recharge the weapon (handle is movable back and forth). Grenade admits firing single shots and bursts.

    main sight - Optical small multiplicity, illuminated reticle. Sight submitted to the left of the axis of weapons to ensure comfortable shooting with high elevation angles. In the central parts of the weapon made massive handle for carrying weapons.

    should be noted that for its small mass grenade QLZ-87 has a fairly high rate of automatic fire that should impede arms control and increase the dispersion when firing bursts, especially with a bipod.

    main types of ammunition for the grenade launcher QLZ-87 are 35 mm. unitary shots with high-explosive or armor-piercing (cumulative) grenade, developed in China. GVW shot is about 250 grams, the initial velocity grenades 190-200 m / s. For high-explosive grenades claimed radius solid splinter up to 10 meters, for a cumulative - armor to 80 mm.

    Caliber, mm 35x32SR
    Length mm 970
    Weight (with bipod), kg 12
    weight (on a tripod), kg 20
    Rate of fire / min 500
    Sighting range, m 600
    Maximum range, m 1750
    initial velocity grenades, m / s 200


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