Grenade RAG-30 / SAG-30

    rag-30 grenade launcher / sag- 30

    In a combat situation

    30-mm automatic grenade hand RAG-30 created by the Slovakian company «CZECH WEAPONS» on ruzhebe XX-XXI century. in.

    The design of the new weapons were used the most positive characteristics of barrel and mounted grenade launchers antipersonnel.

    peculiarity grenade is relatively low weight (11.7 kg unloaded form), so it can be operated by one person.

    Job Automation RAG-30 is based on the principle of using the recoil energy delayed blowback.

    Construction trigger mechanism allows firing both in singles and in automatic mode. Recoil force with reduced spring buffer device.

    grenade rag-30 / sag-30

    In the stowed position

    Food arms ammunition is made from box magazine capacity of five grenades, installed from the top of the receiver. The structure of a grenade launcher ammunition RAG-30 consists of Russian high-explosive VOG-17A and VOG-17M.


    framework sight shifted to the left side, provides firing range of up to 600 m The receiver provided for mounting an optical sight.

    Fold the right side of the butt grenade is adjustable in length, and the bipod gives it stability when shooting.

    for carrying a grenade launcher in firing position used folding arm mounted on the side of the store.

    grenade rag-30 / sag-30

    In a combat situation
    RAG-30 SAG-30
    Caliber, mm 30
    Weight (without / with grenades), kg 11.7 / 13.2 11.8 / 13.5
    Length (stock decomposed / complex) mm 1000 / 755
    Barrel length, mm 300
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 185
    Effective range, m 400 - 600
    Sighting range, m 1000 800
    rds / min 350 -----

    Slovak company «CZECH WEAPONS» modernized launcher RAG-30, creating its modification SAG-30.

    Design and Operation SAG-30 is completely analogous to RAG-30, with the exception of automatic fire.

    SAG-30 is a semiautomatic weapon and allows you to fire only a single mode.

    addition has been removed from the store carrying handle weapons, and on the receiver installed additional rail type Picatinny rail for mounting various day and night sights.

    grenade rag-30 / sag-30



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