Grenade RG-6 / 6G30

    grenade pz 6 / 6g30
    In a combat situation, with an extended butt

    Quest for the development of a multiply charged hand grenade under VOG-24 and VOG-25P rocket launcher GP-25 was issued TsKIB SOO (Central KB sporting and hunting weapons, Tula) in November 1993 led Works VN Teles (creator of the GP-25) and BA Borzov.

    grenade pz 6 / 6g30
    In the stowed position, the stock closed

    Already in the first quarter of 1994, the party in the six-six samples grenade launcher turret type was assigned to the test. Weapons checks fight in Chechnya, received positive reviews. Grenade given the designation RG-6.

    It was created

    grenade RG-6 under the undoubted influence of the South African grenade Milkor MGL, but due to the fact that the RG-6 used fundamentally different ammunition flying away with the sleeve in its design there are some notable differences.

    Design RG-6 (index products 6G30) differs utmost simplicity and adaptability, and consists of:
    - Tube with handle, iron sights and cover;
    - Drum unit trunks;
    - Body axis and power pole;
    - The trigger with pistol grip;
    - Retractable telescopic butt.

    grenade pz 6 / 6g30
    With the loading

    whole structure is assembled on the body in the form of a disk-shaped box with a tubular shaft and tubular same pole. Axle wearing crown spiral spring Torsion.

    Block trunks includes six 40-mm "mortars" united front sleeve and back - plan-washer ratchet device. The bore "mortars" similar to the trunk of the GP-25 and has a screw thread 12. In contrast to the GP-25 is non-detachable barrel bottom with two holes: a central striker loosely inserted in the side - the rod ejection.

    The hammer is retained in the rearward position by the shot. Free - no impingement spring - setting striker justified his low weight: It prevents accidental pinned capsule shot even with a sharp shock or drop weapons.

    shot embedded in the front trunk and held spring-loaded latch. Catches trunks biased washer fixed on the axis of the housing. Cutout in the washer retainer releases the top barrel. To unload this trunk without a shot, you can click on the head of the ejector - presses on the last pin in the bottom of the barrel, and the shot is pushed forward.

    trigger mechanism is almost similar to the GP-25, except for replacing the handle "grenade launcher" on the handle of the AK-74. The trigger mechanism operates only samovzvodom. When you press the trigger cocked and then released the trigger, the hammer will hit the corresponding trunk. The trigger is also associated with a rod-disconnector.

    the left side of the housing fuse box is located at two positions - "PR" and "exhaust". In the "OL" guard locks the trigger. Originally made automatic fuse, not allowing a shot is open or not completely closed the lid. Below the trigger acts tail lever locks up the trigger.

    < td> Combat rate of fire, rds / min < / tr>
    Caliber, mm 40
    weight without shots kg 5,6
    Length (stowed), mm 520
    Length (in firing position), mm 680
    Drum capacity,
    Count. Garnet
    Muzzle velocity grenades, m / c 76
    Radius continuous defeat, m 10
    Sighting range, m 400
    resource shots 2500

    Inside the axis of the body passes the spring-loaded rod, ending behind the cabinet bracket with a hole. When the lid is open the rod is pushed forward, and the hole is in front of the "tail". If not completely closed the lid rod pressed back and the hole is behind the "tail." When the lid is closed the rod enters the recess in the center thereof, and occupies the central position. The "tail" sinks into the hole, and releases the trigger lever. In the process of charging the shooter manually turning block barrels, factory, so the spring. Block shafts mounted in the housing is held to the sear lever. When you press the trigger except cocking shutter trigger and the following occurs: Strap-disconnector sear lever rotates, the last out of the cut-up of washers and washer-plan and the entire block trunks intercepted lower lever whispered.

    After firing the trigger under the action of its spring back forward sear lever rotated back-up of the puck is released and the unit turns on trunks sixth turnover. New barrel ready to fire. Thus, the work of his arm and whispered reminds anchoring devices clockwork. Sear lever head stands on the left side of the body, and by clicking on it, you can turn the block trunks without a shot and brought under the hammer desired trunk. This may be necessary, for example, when fused grenade shots of different types. Rotate so massive detail, of course, causes a marked tremor of arms, but the grenade launcher is not intended for rapid-fire - this is not conducive to energy recoil.

    grenade pz 6 / 6g30
    Sights RG-6

    Trumpet, although it looks like the trunk, actually serves to set the sights, the front rubber handle and - protection of the left hand of the powder gases shot. All work on giving garnet movement and rotation is performed rifled barrel. Pipe together with a lid pivotally attached to the front end of the rod and can be tipped to the right-up for reloading weapons. So that the lid of the sights and do not interfere with reloading, it is fixed at an angle of about 120 degrees to the body.

    Folding sights include an adjustable cylindrical fly with fencing and frame target. Dividing the frame correspond to distances of 100 to 400 m to 300 m Shooting is conducted with an emphasis on the shoulder butt, long - with the butt tucked under his arm. Folded frame sight covers the front sight base and latched.

    Retractable butt consists of a steel tube and shoulder rest with rubber bumper. Tube is pushed into the housing boom. In the stowed position and fighting butt fixed utaplivajut button. Shoulder abutment attached sling attachment. The second tube is secured to antabka.

    In the words of

    VN Telesh, RG-6 "is made in Russian" - cruder and simpler foreign counterparts, but manufacturable, reliable and hardy, can withstand hard knocks and shocks.

    Grenade pretty simple to disassemble for cleaning and lubrication. However, in the field can easily be lost drummers and ejector rods - no accident affiliation includes three replacement drummer and rod.

    Ammunition typically worn gear - two located on the chest and stomach pouch five shots each, plus two pouches on the belt (total - from 10 to 20 shots).

    grenade pz 6 / 6g30



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