Grenade RGA-86

    grenade rga-86
    prototype RGA-86
    With ammunition used
    grenade rga-86

    26-mm smoothbore launcher turret type RGA-86 (Reczny Granatnik Automatyczny wz. 86 - manual automatic grenade sample of 1986) has been developed together with ammunition in 1983-1986 at the Department of Design and operation of firearms (later - Institute weapons technology) Military Technical Academy design team composed of: C. Tsepelskogo, Cheladzkogo M., S. Deretzki, G. Glovitskogo, V. Koperski, J. and R. Pavlovsky Vuytsik.

    The stock closed

    RGA-86 consists of a barrel, drum ammunition and self-cocking the trigger.

    barrel of the weapon is made of aluminum alloy, which secured the front knob and handle for carrying weapons.

    ammunition feed originates from a revolving drum-type container cartridges 15 placed on the axle is rigidly connected with the barrel.


    RGA-86 rifle used by the original trigger mechanism, as well as reloading mechanism, ensuring the production of the next shot from the drum cartridge ammunition, rotated and locked during the previous cycle shot. Both mechanisms are mounted in a revolving drum housing and the housing of the firing mechanism connected to the rear axle of the drum.

    grenade rga-86
    With the loading

    reloading mechanism, driven by means of a helical spring, is a ratchet wheel on the front rack-wheel. Rackwheel interacts with the head abutment of the rocker and the inner surface of the cam, which in turn communicates with the upper surface of the pusher.

    trigger mechanism consists of a trigger (through its projection interacts with sleeve impactor), the pusher, and the linkage system, including cravings and trigger lever. Rotating the lower end of the lever is set to trigger the body of the trigger, and the upper end is attached to a rotating trigger spring. He has a tooth interacting with shaped protrusion drummer and shoulder interacting with a pin placed in the body of the trigger. Cocking helical drive spring drum ammunition occurs as a result of manually turning the drum to the left, and Loading and unloading of the drum on one cartridge is made manually.

    Caliber, mm 26
    Length mm (butt decomposed / complex) 700/580
    Barrel length, mm 225
    Weight (unloaded / loaded)
    6.2 / 7.1-7.7
    drum count. ammunition 15
    Effective range, m 100
    rds / min 30

    to the camera, where the trigger mechanism, fixed pistol grip, folding metal stock up with focus and safety lever.

    Mechanical sights consisting of flies and tumbler sight, mounted in the base of the handle for carrying weapons.

    Weapon manned gun belt, oiler and bandolier.

    Hand grenade

    RGA-86 was adopted by special forces and police in Poland.

    grenade rga-86


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