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    In the USSR, research aimed at creating dinamoreaktivny (recoilless) guns (ANC) - carried out since 1923 in the foundation of this work was based on the scheme of engineers and LV Kurchevsky Izenbeka SA, which in contrast to the previously known Devices of this kind in the breech had conical nozzle.

    In 1916 DP Riabushinskii - one of the representatives of the well-known family of Russian capitalists experienced 70-mm recoilless gun resembling open tube on a tripod. Kurchevskiy was familiar with the works of Ryabushinsky and used them in the design of the PSA.

    Kurchevskaya were created and put into production two 37-mm guns - 37mm RC low-power (MW) and high power (BM). The main difference is weight - 28 kg and 32 kg respectively, barrel length of 1220 mm and 1250 mm, and better ballistics in 37-mm RK BM.

    Caliber, mm 37
    Length, 1220 1250 1270
    Weight 28 32 59
    grenades Weight, kg 0.6
    Fire, m
    200 200 500
    Penetration, mm 20

    device both systems equally. In the nominal position of the guns shot with tripod - the shooter was sitting on the ground. Could shoot with the shoulder, but it was uncomfortable. Lying could not shoot. Not folding system, the battlefield was transferred manually. Both guns had Kurchevsky design feature that distinguished them from other designers developments. This difference was the feed store. The shooting was done by unitary cartridges with armor-piercing projectiles. Five rounds were located in nadstvolnom store, another - in the trunk. The loading was muzzle-loading using a very complex mechanism, which is very often out of action.

    in 1935 was upgraded 37mm RK BM. Gun itself has undergone only minor changes, but the tripod was replaced wheeled carriage from a machine gun Maxim Sokolov. Tests revealed earlier design flaws - utykanie cartridge loading rod failure, problems with rag sleeve, etc.

    In 1937-1938, the gun went radical modernization and renamed "37-mm gun DR plant number 8." The letter "K" (Kurchevskiy) was removed after his arrest in 1937


    made with the Treasury as a normal gun. For this was introduced wedges. Rag replaced brass sleeve. Barrel installed on the same machine-gun machine, but without a shield.

    Cannon DR showed decent armor - the 500 meters made its way 20-mm armor at an angle from 0 to 25 degrees.

    In the late thirties work dinamoreaktivny guns were dismantled guns were removed from service and sent to the facility. The main drawback of the new weapon was a small initial velocity of the projectile, can deal only with light armored vehicles. This drawback can be solved by using shaped charges, but the disappointment of the low efficiency and poor reliability dynamo reactive (recoilless) weapon prejudge his fate.


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