Grenade RShG-2

    grenade RShG-2
    In a combat situation

    conditions for modern combat in order to increase the firepower of the individual soldier, SSPE "Basalt" based antitank rocket grenade RPG-26 and in parallel with a more powerful and heavy grenade RShG-1 for the same purpose was developed reactive grenade assault RShG-2 .

    grenade RShG-2
    RPG-26 "Aglen»

    RShG-2 maximally unified with RPG-26 to a triggering device and rocket engines. The main difference between them - is thermobaric warhead missiles RShG-2 are designed to deal with lightly armored vehicles, fortifications and enemy infantry.


    starting device RShG-2 to increase the firing range was changed only sighting device. The release device is a pipe-piece fiberglass. The ends of the trigger destructible closed when fired rubber caps.

    To bring into the firing position and the safety pin is removed sights are in the firing position, with cocked trigger mechanism, and can be started by pressing the grenade trigger lever. If necessary, transfer back to the stowed position the trigger assembly is removed from combat platoon when lowering the rear sight sight in a horizontal position and fixing his linchpin. Time translation device from traveling to combat is 8-10 seconds.

    Caliber, mm 72.5
    Weight 4.0
    Length mm 770
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 144
    Effective range, m 250
    Maximum firing range 350

    assault grenade RShG-2 is a missile with a thermobaric warhead caliber of 72.5 mm (otherwise called "fuel-air explosives") and powder jet engine, fully practiced in the trunk single trigger device. Jet engine completely borrowed from the RPG-26, and fuse - from TBG-7. Warhead RShG-2 contains about 1.16 kg fuel mixture that the fuel-air blowing clouds gives high-explosive effect comparable to undermine 3 kg of TNT. Stabilization grenades on the trajectory carried out by means of folding stabilizers and placed by the axial rotation of the garnet.

    aimed firing range is 350 m

    characteristic feature RShG-2 - the possibility of defeat nestled in engineering constructions manpower, including being in body armor, even indirect contact with recess.


    assault grenade RShG-2 breaks through the concrete wall thickness up to 300 mm and brick - up to 500 mm. Thanks thermobaric grenade properties particularly effectively acts to destroy manpower inside buildings.

    RShG-2 with a single application launcher, retaining all the advantages of the basic models, equipped with new warheads multivariate damaging effect and can affect the battlefield sheltered and open manpower, soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles.

    grenade RShG-2
    When using the

    Implementing the above development was made possible only through the use of a fundamentally new approach to the design and production samples. This is, first of all, a block-modular approach product development. It is based on the design and development of production units in a wide range of modules.

    design use grenades universal modules significantly reduced development costs and the serial production. Experts know that when you start a new model in a series of such costs up to 50% of the initial batch at its optimal level (not less than 6000 pcs.). In modern conditions due to lack of funds, this factor becomes a major. Another important feature - ease the process of mastering combat use and operation of new samples troops. Fighter, having skills with RPG-26 can easily be used on the battlefield RShG-2 without special training.

    RShG-2 successfully took place in the system of ground troops and weapons intended to be used in the most effective special purpose units, reconnaissance and sabotage groups.

    According to experts this pattern weapons by "cost-effectiveness", at the time of creation, equal in the world did not exist.

    In 2000

    RShG-2 was adopted by the Russian army and became offered for export.

    On the mechanism

    impact on the target (the blast and thermal effect of undermining the spray cloud in the air fuel mixture), this is similar to reactive grenade infantry RPO-A, but due to different classification ("pomegranate" and not "flamethrower") RShG- 2 began to come into service conventional infantry units rather than parts of chemical troops flamethrower.

    grenade RShG-2

    In terms


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