Grenade TKB-0249 "Crossbow»


    launcher designed in a classic layout, its receiver elongated and extends beyond the shoulder rest. This design decision was made due to the need to organize in a box powerful recoil system.

    To prevent dust and dirt from inside the receiver box to eject spent cartridges closes the flap.

    trigger mechanism is a separate unit placed under the receiver along with pistol grip fire control. Non-automatic grenade launcher equipped with a fuse, on-off switch is located on the right side of the box the trigger on the trigger guard. Shooting from a grenade launcher being only single shots.

    Grenade equipped mechanical and optical sights. Installation of the rangefinder.

    as ammunition used 30-mm unitary VOG-17M and VOG-30. Garnet weighing 280 g is fired with an initial velocity of 185 m / s, the maximum range of 1,700 m-Filing when firing shots made from box magazine capacity of 5 or 10 shots. It has also developed a grenade store disk type.

    When firing a grenade launcher used telescopic folding bipod.

    main feature TKB-0249 - depreciation system: recoil is about the same as the automaton "The Storm", at a mass of 10 kg.

    «Crossbow" sometimes called "sniper" grenade launcher, as it allows high-precision hit single objects at a distance of up to 100 m, and the maximum range is 1700 m


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