Grenade Type 4

    grenade type 4

    Type 4
    70 mm AT Rocket Launcher

    Once you start using the U.S. 60-mm grenade «Bazooka» in the Pacific theater of war during World War II, Japan had decided to develop its own similar anti-tank weapons.

    examining in 1943 captured samples of American grenade «Bazooka» and received from Nazi Germany «RaketenPanzerbuchse» (better known as «Panzerschreck» or «Ofenrohr») Japanese started to develop its own antitank grenade launcher.

    granatomet type 4
    Type 4
    70 mm AT Rocket Launcher
    In the stowed position

    By mid-1944, work on the creation of new weapons have been completed and successfully tested in Osaka Army Arsenal. And in July 1944, adopted the Imperial Japanese Army entered the 70-mm anti-tank rocket launcher Type 4 70 mm AT Rocket Launcher, although the actual caliber was 74 mm.


    American M9 Bazooka grenade launcher Japanese Type 4 was collapsible and consisted of two parts that come together just before the fight, and on the march tolerated grenade exploded.

    In front of the grenade Type 4 bipod fastened by machine gun Type 99 LMG, and back - pistol grip and trigger mechanism.

    Simple sights consisted of a rear and front frame viewfinder with flies.

    grenade type 4

    Type 4
    70 mm AT Rocket Launcher
    In a combat situation

    Although Japanese grenade was a symbiosis of American and German grenade he had two significant differences.

    granatomet type 4
    70-mm grenade grenade launcher Type 4

    Thus, stabilization of the Japanese grenade in flight carried out not by the tail, but due to the rotation caused by the expiry of powder gases from inclined nozzles in the combustion chamber. Construction rocket propelled grenade and its appearance had much to do with the 203-mm (8-inch) a missile.

    granatomet type 4
    Details 70mm grenades for the grenade launcher Type 4:
    Head section with ballistic cap
    And mortar fuse, facing cumulative cavity,
    Nozzle aperture and bottom without the primer,
    Cylindrical body.

    used for firing rocket-propelled grenade was cumulative effect of the warhead with ballistic cap percussion fuse (similar to that used in the 81 - and 90-mm mortar mines), the cylindrical body of the jet engine, the nozzle aperture and the bottom. Length 359 mm grenade weighed 4.08 kg, 0.7 kg of which accounted for the explosive and 0.26 kg for the powder charge of a jet engine, which over time - 0.4 seconds, clocked a grenade up to 160 m / s. < / p>

    Another important difference from the American Type 4 and German grenade was the replacement of the electric ignition mechanism of a jet engine rocket mechanical. The trigger was connected with the wire fixed on top of the rear end of the barrel with a spring-loaded striker striker. Before loading the hammer cocked and the stopper, and when you press the trigger wire extricated drummer and one turning axis, broke the primer in the center of the bottom nozzle rocket propelled grenade.

    grenade type 4

    Type 4
    70 mm AT Rocket Launcher
    With the loading

    grenade consisted of two people: the arrow-gunner and loader. Shooting is usually conducted in the prone position. Gunner lying at an angle of 45 ° from the left side arms and the loader located on the other side. Senior calculation could produce up to 6 rounds per minute.

    Type 4
    70 mm AT Rocket Launcher
    Caliber, mm 74
    Length mm 1500
    grenade Weight, kg 8.0
    grenades Weight, kg 4.08
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s 160
    Maximum firing range 750 - 800
    Effective range, m 100
    Penetration, mm 80

    Penetration 70-mm grenade launcher was 80 mm at an angle of 60 ° to 90 °, and the probability of hitting a target at a distance of 100 m was 60%. However, it soon became clear that the armor Type 4 was insufficient to defeat the frontal armor of modern tanks of the period.

    By the end of 1944, based on a 70-mm rocket launcher was developed more powerful and heavy 90 mm grenade launcher.

    90-mm grenade launcher had a barrel length of 70 mm is similar grenade - 1500 mm. However, for air weapons commando units model was created with a barrel length of 1200 mm. Mass new grenade was about 12 kg, rocket propelled grenade - 8.6 kg (1.6 kg of which accounted for the explosive and 0.62 kg for the powder charge of a jet engine). Initial velocity grenade was 106 m / s, armor - 120 mm, and the effective range - 100 m due to the significant increase in the mass 90 mm model received additional support placed in the rear of the grenade.


    90mm grenade launcher with a barrel length of 1500 mm were held in late 1944 and in early 1945, both models (with trunks length of 1500 mm and 1200 mm) were adopted by the Japanese Imperial Army.


    mass production of 90-mm grenade launcher was not started, and 70-mm antitank rocket launchers Type 4 before the end of the Second World War produced about 3,500 units.

    grenade type 4

    Type 4
    90 mm AT Rocket Launcher


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