Grenade Type 69

    grenade type 69
    Type 69

    Produced in China by NORINCO antitank grenade «Type 69" is a copy of Russian (Soviet) RPG-7.

    Developed in the late 1960s, Type 69 grenade launcher in large quantities supplied in the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) is also exported to the countries of the "third world" and now continues to stand in service with many armies.

    Development RPG Type 69 was launched by Chinese experts in early 1960 on the basis of the Soviet RPG-7, apparently acquired in one of the countries in the Middle East. Due to its simplicity and adaptability RPG-7 already in 1964 the Chinese were able to completely copy it and demonstrate to senior management the first samples produced in China.

    After testing and

    dovodok 1970 new antitank grenade was adopted by the Chinese army under the designation Type 69 and gradually began to displace outdated Type 56 (a copy of the Soviet RPG-2).

    granatomet type 69
    Type 69

    Grenade produced in huge quantities in the 1970s - 80s. and widely used by the Chinese during the border conflict with Vietnam in 1979 and 1980.

    Production Type 69 was discontinued in the mid-1980s, when the PLA began to adopt a new act RPG PF-89.


    PLA infantry units (especially in northern China and the border with Russia) RPG Type 69 included in each platoon as standard antitank weapon - two rocket launcher with three spare shots each and two arrows helpers grenade, also with three shots each. In the mountain-infantry units and troops stationed in southern China (where mostly jungle) Type 69 grenade launcher is armed platoons of infantry companies for direct fire support against enemy troops and fortifications.

    Its appearance grenade Type 69 is almost identical to the RPG-7, except for such improvements as several weighted barrel, folding bipod presence, and the presence of the modified handle tools at gunpoint to correct for wind.

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    caliber barrel, mm 40
    caliber grenades, mm 85
    Weight without without sight, kg
    Barrel length, mm 910
    Start / march
    Velocity grenades, m / s
    Penetration, mm 380
    Rate of fire / min 4-6

    The design of Type 69 grenade launcher (like the RPG-7 with PG-7V) put the starter circuit recoilless reusable and shot with nadkalibernoy warhead. Unlike Type 56 (WGS-2), an RPG launcher tube Type 69 (caliber 40 mm) has a broadening in the middle of the barrel - the bolt - for the better use of energy propellant, and a horn in the breech - for recoilless complex. Besides mechanical sight Type 69 has an optical day sight.

    as ammunition for grenade Type 69 uses active-reactive shot with nadkalibernoy (85 mm) shaped-charge warhead. It is fundamentally different from the shot Type 56 (WGS-2) - in the presence of a jet engine, which is attached to the back of the head of the grenade. To ensure stable flight for a jet engine grenades located plumage (stabilizer), to prevent damage, the nozzle block which is located at the front end of the motor housing (near the center of gravity), and nozzles have a small inclination to the axis of the engine. For a message to garnet initial velocity jet engine when loading joins starting powder charge in a cardboard sleeve. Rotation grenades around its longitudinal axis in flight supported by the action on the oncoming air flow and the bevel of the stabilizer blades is a few tens of revolutions per second. Warhead include contact golovodonnym fuse and self-destructing (triggered when a miss).

    Shooting RPG Type 69 is carried shoulder-loading - with the muzzle. Type 69 grenade launcher is able to destroy armored vehicles, fortifications and manpower at ranges up to 500 meters. In addition, the company produces a wide range of NORINCO ammunition of various types - antitank and antipersonnel, caliber and nadkalibernye - Turn antitank grenade into a universal means of destruction.

    granatomet type 69
    Grenades for Type 69

    - Cumulative antitank grenade - has shaped-charge warhead and design similar to the Soviet PG-7V. Capable of hitting armored vehicles (except modern MBT) and fortifications, and manpower at ranges up to 500 meters. Weight 2.1 kg grenades, armor homogeneous armor normal - 380 mm.

    - high-explosive grenade against open manpower - designed especially for fighting in the jungle and mountainous terrain. Warhead equipped with 900 ready-striking elements in the form of steel balls, and from 2000 to 3000 for the combustible particles incendiary, flying in an explosion at a distance of 15 meters.

    - grenade bounces against manpower - has a working principle, like jumping out of antipersonnel mines. On target by explosion bounces to a height of 2 meters and explodes, hitting the open top of manpower, including and obstacles. Kill radius of 18 meters.

    - tandem HEAT antitank grenade - entered service in the 1990s. has a tandem HEAT warhead. Designed to defeat tanks fitted with explosive reactive armor and light armored vehicles (BMP, BTR) and fortifications.

    - Lighting grenade - fired up the steep path, equipped with a parachute to keep in the air at the time of combustion lighting. Effective range of the brake ring - 600 m, without - 150 m

    granatomet type 69
    Type 69-I
    Folding option

    For Type 69 was launched production of wide range of ammunition for various purposes, both in China and in some other countries.

    Later in China was also created an improved version of the grenade launcher - Type 69-I, which is characterized by reduced length of the launch tube, and some minor changes.


    day optical sight grenade Type 69-I is equipped with electro-optical night sight.

    also created a folding option grenade Type 69-I for airborne troops.

    grenade type 69
    Type 69-I


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