Grenade Valar

    grenade Valar


    Ukrainian now Valar (Ivano-Frankivsk) at the turn of XX-XXI century. in. was created fundamentally new automatic heavy weapons - 30-mm automatic grenade launcher manual (GRA) "Valar-30».

    According to the classification

    grenade "Valar" is all the same weapons support, but at a higher level today that uses all the latest solutions in military affairs.

    Automation grenade "Valar" works on the principle of a short stroke barrel with new additional elements of compensation benefits. This "know-how" of Ukrainian scientists drastically reduces the impact of new weapons. Recoil - somewhat larger than that of the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle.

    mechanisms allow automatic firing single shots or short bursts of 3 shots. This decision mechanism allows to save ammunition during active combat. Very important as the weight of such a large caliber weapon. However, a new weapon for a soldier is not too severe, because its weight - about 9 kg of a total length of 1050 mm.

    Caliber, mm 30
    Length mm 1050
    Weight 9.0
    Fire, m
    Fire, m
    Store / drum,
    Count. Garnet

    firing a grenade launcher "Valar" does not require a heavy machine for resting on the ground and can be maintained even with the hands or with a support on a bipod.

    As the developers, power factor grenade above the world famous samples of 3-4. It's almost fantastic figure, as of today the best examples of a caliber weapons differ on this indicator only 15-20%.


    grenade "Valar" Russian ammunition used VOG-17 with a maximum range of up to 1,600 meters and an effective range of 800 meters.


    grenade ammunition used dual power - from the drum shop on 15 shots and 5 of the shops on VOG-17. Drum shop located along the longitudinal axis of weapons and "floods" weapons when firing.

Vektor Y3 AGL
grenade vektor y3 agl / cg-40 / agl striker / as88

Grenade «Vektor» was originally developed under the designation by ARAM AS88 and was first introduced in 1992.


continued development firm Denel, which bought the patent for the firm weapon «ARAM», which introduced a number of modifications to the launcher.

In 1998, initial testing was conducted, and in 2002 completed operational testing grenade Vektor.

Mass production

grenade was launched in 2007.

Automatic weapons

operates on the principle of delayed blowback recoil. Shot occurs when the gate unlocked during its forward motion, thus reducing the impact force. Moving parts of machinery automation amortized buffers at the rear of the receiver.

Caliber, mm 40x53
Length mm 844
Barrel length, mm 335
grenade Weight, kg 32.0
with Tripod Weight, kg 50.0
grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s
rds / min 320
Effective range, m 1500
Maximum firing range 2200

fixedly mounted in the receiver, the casing is closed by a massive whole length.

grenade launcher mounted on a tripod carriage.

trigger mechanism striker type, with fuse.

Descent using mechanical keys.

, electric solenoid is provided for the options installed on military equipment.

Food arms ammunition - tape. Feeder receiver sided, box with ribbon attached to either side. Changing the direction of feed lever permutation performed in the lid of the receiver, with no tools required.

used for firing shots unitary: High Explosive (HE), High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP), Practice, Target Practice Tracer, Target Practice, standards-compliant NATO.

Grenade usually used on the tripod machine, it can also be installed with a special socket on the vehicle or patrol boat.

exported to Europe grenade Vektor became offered under the symbol CG-40, and in North America called AGL Striker.

grenade vektor y3 agl / cg-40 / agl striker / as88


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