Grenade VOSP


    Recoilless antitank grenade single action VOSP (or VOSP-58) developed in the 1980s for weapons mainly special units of the French army.


    grenade was organized at the enterprise Luchafre (which is part of the group GIAT) in early 1990s.

    Grenade VOSP consists of launcher, projectile, propellant and the so-called protivomassy.

    grenade launcher hermetically sealed with plastic covers on both sides that can not be removed before firing. Outside launcher attached to the trigger to be fired, the safety mechanism, sight, shock absorbers and plastic lining, facilitating the use of weapons. Launcher located inside shell protivomassa and the combustion chamber, it moves the propellant charge.

    granatomet vosp

    trigger and the safety mechanisms installed in one body on the right side of the launcher. Located on the enclosure descent, cocking button and hole allowing remote shot of producing weapons using traction (in the case of a grenade launcher as directional mines). Cocking button (fixed safety plug which is removed before the shot) blocks downhill and separates the drummer from the primer. Pressing cocking causes unlocking the shutter opening the primer and cocked mainspring trigger to be fired. Only then can pull the trigger, which - through the trigger - the hammer releases.

    Grenade VOSP equipped dot sight (stowed it folds and is adjacent to the launcher). The grid sight bears the corresponding firing range at 100, 200, 300 and 400 m, the main sign, placed in the center of the grid, you can quickly aim a gun at a distance of 200 m from a grenade launcher can be firing in the afternoon, at dusk, as well as night - after the pre-installation on sight fluorescent nozzle.

    antitank grenade VOSP cumulative projectile consists of a body, ballistic tip, shaped charge, the bottom fuse, as well as six stabilizing wings, laid out after the departure of the projectile launcher. After unfolding the wings and under the influence of the pressure of powder gases occurs cocked fuse.

    the rear of the launcher placed protivomassa as a bundle of plastic fibers (resembling a brush). During the shot protivomassa moves in a direction opposite to the direction of motion of the projectile providing a balance of all the longitudinal forces acting on the launcher. A Extension under the influence of air resistance fibers are the reason that protivomassa quickly loses speed. Because of this grenade can be firing from enclosed spaces (minimum cubage which is 22.5 m?) Through a hole the size of 1x1 m, with both ends of the launcher must be removed from the walls of at least 1 m

    Preparing to fire a grenade launcher is unfolding sight, removing safety plugs, aiming a grenade launcher and pressed the trigger.


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