Grenade Wz. 1974 Pallad

    grenade wz. 1974 pallad
    Wz. 1974 Pallad
    Mounted on the Polish machine Kbk-AK

    In 1968 Ya Brodatskim with the team as part of B. Davidovich, A. Ozhogovskogo and 3. Zapendovskogo automata Kbk AK / AKM / AKMS (model of the Soviet AK and AKM Polish production), work began on a grenade launcher.


    new launcher was designated Wz. 1970 (grenade launcher mod. 1970), but after qualification and operational testing was finally adopted by the Polish Army as a grenade Wz. 1974 (grenade launcher mod. 1974) instead of grenade wz. 1960 and wz. 1960/72.

    barrel launcher Wz. 1974 is a non-automatic weapon Pallad producing one shot, designed to engage manpower and firepower destruction and soft-skinned materiel. He is an individual additional small arms soldiers armed with machine guns and AKM AKMS.

    grenade wz. 1974 pallad
    Wz. 1974 Pallad
    When reloading

    main components are barrel grenade launcher, receiver, slide and modified AKM handguard. Moreover, the weapon is equipped with extractor, locking mechanism, trigger mechanism, basic safety mechanism, mobile guard, as well as sight.

    rifled barrel Wz. 1974 Pallad made of hard aluminum alloy and is connected to the receiver, which is attached to the gate to be opened with the lever down. In gate elements are the trigger (hammer type with closed trigger) and locking mechanisms. Extractor cartridges located in the receiver.

    grenade protection against accidental and premature shot (when the shutter is closed and in a locked state) provided basic safety mechanism. It is equipped with a lever for making weapons to fuse (Z) or cocked (0). Statement of weapons in position «Z» is the trigger lock makes it impossible cocking and fixes mobile fuse. Roll the fuse is designed to prevent accidental discharge when the grenade does not protect basic safety mechanism. In the position statement on the fuse as it fixes the lever cocking the hammer and sear. Production shot (release the trigger) is possible only after prior pressing the movable guard. Return the fuse in position «Z» is automatic under the influence of spring fuse - after the shot and the shutter opens.

    Caliber, mm 40
    Length mm 324
    Barrel length, mm 300
    Weight 1,25
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 78
    Effective range, m 350 (area targets)
    180 (point targets)
    Maximum firing range 430

    aiming grenade Wz. 1974 Pallad when shooting both in-trajectory and mounted on the flight path used shot sight, fitted with an adjustable disc (slotted and front sight), as well as guide. Adjustable drive, designed for installation shooting distance, has the shape of a circle sector. He rotationally attached to the holder of the barrel. Printed on the disc dividing the elevation setting in meters, as well as amendments (in thousands) at a rate of 3.6 headwind and 9 m / s.

Wz. 1974 Pallad
Mounted on the Polish machine wz.96 Beryl

forearm grenade is a grenade launcher attachment point back to the AKM. It is installed under the barrel of the machine instead of the standard AKM forend.

firing a grenade launcher could be done (with the flat trajectory shots) on open targets at a distance of 30 to 430 m, and the targets nestled in the terrain (with hinged trajectory shots) - a distance of 170 to 400 m .

grenade wz. 1974 pallad
Wz. 1983 Pallad D
When using the

barrel launcher Wz. 1974 Pallad charged with breech.

for firing a grenade launcher mod. 1974 used 40h47 mm unitary shots with a low initial velocity cartridge loading with fragmentation NG0-74 (anti-personnel grenade - consists of the explosive charge in the steel casing; grenade gets cocked 20-30 meters from the muzzle grenade launcher; fragment distribution - 180-200 meters.), lighting and NGC-74 ballistic NGB-74 grenades, as well as educational and training shots.

Grenade equipped canvas carrying case ten shots and grenade accessories care arms.

In the 1980s, on the basis of grenade launcher Wz. 1974 Pallad was created its modification - grenade Wz. 1983 Pallad D.

Wz. 1983 Pallad D is a pistol version grenade launcher Wz. 1974 Pallad in a separate arrangement,

main difference Wz. 1983 Pallad D from Wz. 1974 Pallad is having an extra pistol grip and collapsible buttstock with rubber butt pad.


pistol embodiment Wz. 1983 Pallad D weighs 2.3 kg, while the spread butt length is 650 mm grenade launcher.

grenade wz. 1974 pallad
Wz. 1983 Pallad D
Pistol version


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