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    gun erika

    pistolet erika
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    Austrian pocket pistol «Erika», intended for self-defense, an Austrian engineer gunsmith Krems - Pfannl Franz (Franz Pfannl) in 1912.

    gun used in a special cartridge caliber 4.25 mm (.167), which was probably designed in agreement with the firm "Hirtenberg" engaged in the production of ammunition. Under the same cartridge German company Menz once begun manufacturing pistols «Liliput», which gave rise to the name of the second cartridge - 4,25 Liliput.

    Automation gun works by Erika freewheel shutter.

    gun erika

    Details gun Erika
    pistolet erika
    device gun Erika

    propelled unit is pivotally connected to the frame at the rear thereof and is mounted in front of the pin and the shutter moves the lid sidewalls devoid slide box.

    outer side surface of the bolt provided with notches facilitating the gun is cocked manually.


    placed in the tunnel over the barrel, is connected to the gate with a guide rod coupled to the top of the projection gate.

    Shock - type firing mechanism with fully concealed hammer. The pistol is made only samovzvodom.

    mechanical fuse when you turn blocks the trigger. The fuse may be disposed on both the left and right side arms.

    gun erika

    Top and bottom

    sight gun open and not controlled.


    ebony handle overlays usually was monogram gun inventor Franz Pfannla - «FP», or the name of the gun.

    pistolet erika
    Standard (left) and short (right) model
    Caliber, mm 4.25h10 4.25h10
    Length, mm 135 116
    Height, mm 95 85
    Width 18 18
    Length barrel, mm 56 42
    Weight empty, kg 0.250 0.220
    store count. cartridges 5 5

    Food weapons made from detachable box magazine capacity of five cartridges. Shop inserted between the handle and the opening of the trigger guard. This design looks clear regressive in relation to modern for "Erica" pocket models, but allowed to make the gun very flat.

    Despite the small caliber, Erika for their class weapon was a gun rather cumbersome. Its sloping handle defended quite far from the trunk and placing the store between it and trigger the whole structure gave a memorable appearance.

    sell the gun as "the perfect pocket gun for hunters, hikers, athletes, etc." 24 shillings, one bullet cost 8 pence.

    gun erika

    Short model

    Production gun Erika was discontinued in 1926. In all there were about 3,500 copies. Low demand for these weapons explained low power chuck.

    pistolet erika
    short model Erika pistol with long barrel

    Furthermore, in the production process have been made in the design of the gun some minor improvements relating, in particular, with changes in length of the handle and barrel. And at one time produced the second model gun Erika, which was shorter and had a standard short handle. Short model was also variation with extended 105 mm barrel, the total length of the gun in this case was 180 mm.


    Franz Pfannl apparently sold a license for his invention of George Groebner Rehberg, which produced similar in design, although slightly modernized gun «Kolibri». Over the counter agreement with Groebner Pfannl also traded «Kolibri», as the handle on the cheeks of some samples of this model, as in most instances the gun «Erika», found monogram Pfannlya - FP.

    gun erika



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