Laser System VOC


    In the United States invented the silent, not visible and at the same time over a powerful weapon. It is capable of destroying any air targets at any distance, where the U.S. military is powerless artillery will now use lasers. Just a few years ago this was not possible, and to submit, however, today it is a reality.

    laser system los

    May 2010, the island of San Nicolaus California, here tested the newest laser weapons, developed by scientists from the U.S.. This is a tactical system "LOS", it is able to burn the ship missiles, aircraft and enemy bezpilotnik. Started training bezpilotnik who flew with the speed of 480 kilometers per hour. And for no apparent reasons that it is 2 seconds unbelievable happens, he flashed like a match and collapsed down. American Laser weapons developers decided to establish naval artillery installation phalanx. It is through detection systems, the laser beam can track and destroy enemy aircraft.

    Laser system works is very simple, as soon as the radar detects an enemy aircraft or missile, radar operator transmits coordinates of the enemy, just 6 of laser beams are focused on the enemy's property, and creates a powerful beam that instantly burns any flying target. Power 50 Wat lets burn in airframe hole damage any parts. Which leads to its removal from the system. Laser system "VOC" can get the enemy missile at a very great distance. At 3 kilometers. For example, lesions in the radius of 22 mm. Gun Position phalanx almost 2 times less. This means only one thing, the laser can destroy the enemy to secure for themselves a distance, that is still on approach. This is the moment when it is to be replaced by small-caliber artillery systems to the respective laser system.

    laser system los

    But the range of the laser is not the only advantage over short-range artillery. American developers claim laser systems in the future will not only be the most effective, but the cheapest weapon. After all, they work with electricity, and produced by a motor ship. But most importantly, unlike laser systems do not need artillery shells, which means that the laser is limitless ammunition. Laser beam shot out VOC stands about 3 thousand dollars. Efficiency and low cost suggest that the laser weapon will be the future.


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