M203 Grenade Launcher / M203PI

    M203 grenade launcher / m203pi

    barrel launcher M203 is designed to engage manpower and fire weapons at ranges of up to 400 m

    M203 grenade launcher was developed in the period 1967 - 1968 AAI American corporation under contract with the U.S. Army.

    guided the development of the M203 lay the experience gained in operating the mass 40 mm grenade launcher M79 U.S. forces in Vietnam. This experience has shown extreme necessity and usefulness of 40-mm grenade launchers, but also revealed weaknesses in M79, especially the need for additional weapons for self-defense rocket launcher.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    XM-148 / CGL-4
    Mounted on the M16 rifle

    first attempt to create a launcher installed under native Army M16A1 rifle company Colt has taken back in the mid-1960s, but the experience of operating a 40 mm grenade launcher XM-148 / CGL-4 showed its unreliability and insecurity in circulation, however, confirmed the correctness of the very concept of grenade launcher.

    In 1970, the first pre-AAI XM203 grenade launchers were sent to trial in Vietnam. The results of these tests, the U.S. Army ordered a considerable number of new grenade, but lack the necessary AAI industrial base has led to the fact that the contract for production of M203 has received firm Colt.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    When shooting

    barrel launcher M203 is - single-shot.

    Grenade consists of a rifled barrel, the receiver with the trigger mechanism, the housing and the folding rack sight.

    hand grenade charged with breech. To recharge the barrel moves forward, with the cartridge cases or grenade held on a fixed mirror shutter with two hooks-ejector. Once the barrel is completely frees the spent case, it falls freely down in the breech can attach a new grenade, after which the barrel is pushed back to the stop motion.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    Mounted on M4A1

    fuse is located in front of the trigger inside the trigger guard, shooting it is necessary to move to the front position. Trigger guard slidably mounted and can be tipped forward for shooting gloves.


    located on the left and is engaging to the receiver. To open the breech must be pressed closer to the trunk and move forward. Garnet embedded manually into the breech of the barrel, the barrel moves back and locked clips. The hammer is cocked automatically when you close the trunk. After the shot the barrel moves forward again, with ekstraktiruetsya cartridge cases.

    trunk latch is controlled by mouse to the left above the barrel.


    trunk is short receiver with trigger mechanism. Cocking the hammer automatically when recharging, manual safety lever is in the form inside the trigger guard, front of the trigger.

    < td> 76
    Caliber, mm 40
    Weight 1.36
    Length mm 380
    Barrel length, mm 305
    grenade Muzzle velocity, m / s
    Effective range, m 150
    Maximum firing range, m 400
    rds / min 5-7

    Sights include regular open sights, located on top of the grenade body, and labeled from 50 to 250 meters. If necessary to handle for carrying M16 rifles can be installed optional quadrant sight having grading up to 400 meters.

    protractor quadrant mounted on the left side of the carrying handle and M16 rifles M16A1/A2. It consists of a locking screw, housing, bracket with bracket, latch dioptrical sight and foresight. With foresight and levers dioptrical sight protractor quadrant exhibiting the required firing range (40 to 400 m with a scale of 25 m).

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    Grenades for M203

    Fly on the lever is pivotally attached to a protractor Quadrant and folds to prevent damage. To calibrate flies turn the adjustment screw to the right or to the left (respectively, to decrease or increase the declination). Full turn will shift the point of impact at 5 meters at a distance of 200 meters.

    Folding frame

    sight is unfolding step adjustable open bar and provides quick aiming with rifles native flies. The frame division is 50 to 250 m at every 50 m.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi

    himself launcher mounted on his rifle or carbine, with the installation procedure takes about 5 minutes and requires a standard screwdriver.

    In addition, the M203 grenade launcher has undergone some minor modifications. In particular, there was a version with short by 3 inches (76 mm) barrel, designed for installation on the M4 carbines Special Operations Forces Command United States (US SOCOM), the option to be placed on the rails type rifle Picatinny Rail.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    As an independent weapons

    improved version of the grenade launcher was named M203PI. It uses the original universal retention mechanism disposed on top of the receiver. It provides easy installation and removal of the rifle grenade with virtually any model. If necessary, a grenade launcher can be mounted on the pistol grip with folding butt and used as a separate weapon.

    Several firms in the U.S. and abroad produce special kits comprising a bracket for mounting the M203, and the butt of the pistol grip that allows you to turn the M203 in a single weapon type M79.

    granatomet M203 / M203 m203pi
    Mounted on the Kalashnikov assault rifle

    Equipment is elongated guide barrel grenade launcher that allows you to shift the trunk forward for the increased length of ammunition, such as light or smoke.

    Issue M203PI M203 and has been adjusted in the U.S., and copies are produced in South Korea, Egypt and Bulgaria (in the last two - in versions for installation on the Kalashnikov AKM or AK-74).

    M203 Grenade were accepted for service, not only in the U.S. but also in Australia, Israel, Turkey, the Philippines and even in a number of countries.


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