M43 self-propelled 1945


    Just as self-propelled gun M40, this setup is designed for medium tank chassis M4AZE8. The layout of the tank changed: in front of the building there is the separation of management, force him taken office, and aft mounted armored conning tower installed in her 203.2-mm howitzer M1 or M2. Horizontal angle pointing guns is 36 degrees, 55 degrees elevation angle, descent angle -5 degrees. Shooting is projectiles weighing 90.7 kg range 16900 m Practical rate of one shot per minute. In the rear of the chassis mounted fold-opener for increasing stability when shooting. Raising and lowering the opener made using a hand winch.

    To protect against air attack units were armed with 12.7-mm anti-aircraft gun.

    Just as installing M40, M43 installation used in artillery units Reserve Command.

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Combat weight, t 37,6
Crew. 16
length 6300
Width 3200
Height 3300
Armor, mm: 12,7-76
Forehead housing 76
Forehead tower 12,7
Maximum speed, km / h: 38
Range, km 170
power plant
Option Type Model No. Power l. with.
1 K Ford, type GAA-V8 1 500
Option Type Caliber, mm Model No. Ammunition / 1
Howitzer 203 2 M1 or M2 1 12
gun 12 7 1 900
Country of Origin U.S.
a developer
No. of published copies 48
Year of adopting 1945


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