Main battle tank T-80



    T-80 adopted in 1976. First in the world it is equipped with a gas turbine engine. In the first series of T-80 was a GTD-1000 capacity of 1000 liters. with., T-80 modifications B (1978) and BA (1985) - GTE - 1000TF capacity of 1,100 liters. sec. and T-80U (1985) - FCD - 1250.

    High quality martial

    T-80 at practically the lowest fighting weight, mainly achieved through a dense arrangement. Branch management is in front of the body, fighting with the tower - in the middle, the engine-transmission - in the stern.

    T-80 is armed with 125 mm smoothbore, stabilized in two planes gun with coaxial 7.62-mm pulemetomPKT; 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun on the cliff complex commander's cupola, a complex anti-guided weapon system and launch smoke grenades cloud. The complex also includes weapons rangefinder sight, night sight and loading mechanism. T-80B tanks received complex 9K112 ATGM SD-1 Cobra and T-80U - ATGM complex 9K119 Reflex. Loading mechanism borrowed from the T-64.


    fire control system includes T-80B laser rangefinder sight, ballistic computer, stabilizer arms, set of sensors that control all the important information (wind speed, roll and speed of the tank, heading angle goals, etc.). Managing fire on the T-80U duplicated. Gun made with stringent requirements for the trunk, which is provided with a metallic thermal sleeve that protects it from external influences (sunshine, rain) and reduces deflection during heating.

    greatest sighting range for T-80B-piercing projectiles and cumulative - 4000 m, high-explosive/fragmentation - 5000 (using lateral level - 10,000 m). With night sight TPNZ-49 in the active mode they reach 1300 or passively - 850 m

    complex reflex with guided missiles on a laser beam enables you to run at any speed tank.

    T-80 is equipped with night vision devices. For orientation when visibility is poor and under water has gyroscopic kursoukazatel.

    Tank T-80 is protected by a combined multilayer armor, as well as half (T-80BV) and integrated (T-80U) complex dynamic protection. Protection of the tank against HEAT projectiles help screens on the sides of the body (steel sheets on a rubber apron), and the tower before the nasal part.

    T-80 has a system of collective defense against weapons of mass destruction and automatic fire-fighting equipment.

    power pack consists of three-shaft turbine engine - 1000TF with two-stage compressor, power turbine nozzle assembly and adjustable power turbine. Torsion bar suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at the 1 -, 2 - and 6 - hardpoints rinks. Caterpillar with rubber mount.

    Tank T-80 is outfitted entrenching, self extraction, as well as a device for mounting a mine trawl.

    Since 1987 produced a modification of T-80UD, equipped with diesel engine capacity of 1000 liters. with.


    T-80B. In 1978 he released the T-80B, on which the upgraded gun, improved SLAs introduced guided weapons, improved security characteristics. Since 1980, the installed capacity of the GTD-1000TF 1100 l. with.

    T-80BV. Since 1985, the troops began to enter the T-80BV. Improved visibility from the driver's seat achieved by setting three viewing devices instead of one, as on tanks T-64 and T-72. Heating is provided workplace of the driver due to bleed air from the compressor turbine engines. Level of protection against shaped-charge projectiles reached Installation Kit hinged dynamic protection.

    T-80U. Tank adopted in 1985 and represents a further development of the T-80BV. Improvements touched all the major combat and operational properties. First of all, significantly enhanced survivability of the tank due to changes in structure armor barriers, incorporating built-in dynamic protection, some increase in weight of the material allotted reservations. Improved ability to conduct long-range as well as short-range firefight, thanks to a new set of guided weapons, improve the characteristics of weapons and MSA. Indicators of increased mobility due to the use of more powerful GTD improving transmission and motion control drives. In the fighting compartment, unlike the T-80BV additionally taken seven shots (non-motorized boeukladka). Changed somewhat mutual arrangement of devices due to the introduction of duplicate fire control. Since 1992, the tank mounted thermal imager. Upgraded version of the T-80U are 80UM1 notation T and T-80UM2.

    T-80UK. Commanding version of the T-80U.

    T-80UD. Since 1987, commercial production of modified diesel 6TD capacity of 1000 liters. s. Using a two-stroke diesel engine led to constructive change in transmission and motion control drives. There are other structural differences, for example, to install an anti-aircraft gun. Main characteristics remained unchanged. T-80UD - Ukrainian version of this KMDB.


    < td> Range, km < td> 5

    Specifications T-80

    Length, m 9,7
    Height, m 2,6
    Width, m 2,2
    Weight, t 46
    Engine Turbine GTD-1000
    Power l. with. 1000
    Maximum speed km / h 70

    Obstacles, m

    - height of the mound 0,8
    - the depth of standing water
    - width of the trench 3
    Armor Protivosnaryadnaya combined
    Armament 125-mm smoothbore gun, 12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun NSVT, 7.62-mm machine gun
    reserve ammunition 38 shells, 300 rounds of 12,7 and 2000 - 7.62, SD 6
    Crew 3
    Manufacturer Omsktransmash
    Year of adopting 1976


    Photos main tank T-80

    mbt t-80. Main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80
     mbt t- 80. the main tank T-80  mbt t- 80. the main tank T-80  mbt t- 80. the main tank T-80
     mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80
     mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80
     mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80  mbt t-80. main battle tank T-80
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    mbt t-80. main tank t-80 <


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