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    In the early 80s the company ENZHESA Brazilian specialists have begun to develop a tank design which was supposed to use the tower with arms experienced tank Valiant English and West German dvigagel diesel and automatic transmission. At the same time planned to build two variants of the tank - one for their own army, and the other for export. Prototypes of these choices are made, respectively, in 1984 and 1985, were designated EE-T1 and EE-T2, and the name in honor of the Brazilian Ozorio cavalry general, who lived and fought successfully in the past century. Both tanks have been thoroughly tested in Saudi Arabia. In the tank EE-T1 Ozorio ordinary traditional layout. The hull and turret are spaced reservation, a frontal portion of them are made of multilayer armor type chobhem English. The tower contains three crew members: commander, gunner and loader. The tank is armed British 105mm rifled gun L7A3, coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun, installed before the loader's hatch. Ammunition 45 rounds and 5,000 rounds of ammunition (7.62 mm) or 3000 (7.62) and 600 (12,7).

    gun is stabilized in two planes guidance, electric actuators. The sides of the rear of the tower mounted six-barreled smoke grenade launchers. In the fire control system of the Belgian development includes a gunner and commander sights having designations respectively LRS-5 and SCS-5. First Sight (combined) includes periscope type made in one block directly the optical sight (day and night thermal channels), a laser rangefinder and electronic ballistic computer. He is already in use on the Brazilian combat reconnaissance vehicle Cascavel. As a backup sight the gunner has telescopic device. Commander's sight SCS-5 differs from Gunner lack laser rangefinder and electronic ballistic computer. It is set in the commander's cupola and is associated with a gun, so that the commander can carry out its lead on the selected target, followed by the discovery of fire. For Omnidirection he uses five observation periscopes mounted on the perimeter of the turret.

    powerpack compartment tank EE-T1 Ozorio located in the rear of the hull. It establishes the West German 12-cylinder diesel engine MWM TBD 234 and automatic transmission ZF LSG 3000, made in the same block that field can be replaced within 30 minutes. Tank has a good pick-up: 10 to reach a speed of 30 km / h Chassis includes (per side) of six rollers and three support rollers, idlers and drive. Caterpillars such as a tank and a West Leopard-2 (with removable rubber pads). Hydropneumatic suspension chassis. On the first, second and sixth road wheels are rubber isolators. Sides of the hull and chassis components covered armored screens, providing additional protection against chemical weapons. The tank is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system in combat and the engine compartment. It can also be equipped with a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction, a heater, a navigation system and device, signaling the crew of the tank with a laser beam irradiation. To contact a radio station and tank intercom. After appropriate preparation tank can fording depth up to 2 m Tank EE-T2 Ozorio unlike his predecessor armed 120 mm smoothbore gun C.1, developed by specialists of the French state association ZHIAT.

    In ammunition consists of 38 rounds of ammunition loading unitary two types of armor-piercing discarding sabot feathered with detachable tray and multipurpose (cumulative and high-explosive action). 12 shots placed in the turret, and 26 - in front of the body. Initial velocity armor-piercing projectile (mass 6.2 kg) is 1650 m / s, and multipurpose (13.9 kg) - 1100 m / s. Effective range of tanks first type of projectile to 2000 m Auxiliary armament consists of two 7.62-mm machine guns, one of which is paired with a gun, and the second (anti-aircraft) installed on the roof of the tower. The fire control system includes a commander's panoramic sight VS 580-10 and periscope Gunner VS 580-19 produced by the French company SFIM. Both sights are made with integrated laser rangefinder, which are associated with electronic ballistic computer. Field of vision scopes are independent of weapons stabilization. In addition, the tower is installed panoramic thermal imaging night sight UA-9090 firm Phillips (also with a stable field of view), the image area from which is transmitted to the screens located in front of the commander and gunner.

    biplane stabilizer gun, turret drives and pointing guns vertical electric. According to the French experts, the probability of hitting a moving or stationary target when shooting from this tank at a range of up to 2000 m reaches more than 80 percent. Arrangement tank EE-T2 Ozorio same as that of the first embodiment. Reservations hull and turret similar. The tank is equipped with protection against weapons of mass destruction, including a filtering unit (located on the right rear of the turret) and individual protective masks for the crew with the supply of purified air. The presence of an automatic system of fire fighting equipment the British firm Greyviner able to instantly detect and effectively extinguish pockets of fire that may occur in combat or the engine compartment. In the case of laser beam illumination tank special device (with the sensor system) signals the crew members that they can perform the appropriate actions to protect, for example, setting a smokescreen by firing smoke grenades. As reported in the foreign press, to date, both versions of the Brazilian Ozorio tank tested and almost ready for production.


    TTX Ozorio

    Combat weight, t 43
    Crew 4
    Dimensions, m body length 7.13 width 3.26 height of the roof of the tower clearance 2,37 0,46
    gun, caliber, mm 120
    Guns, number x caliber, mm 2 x 7,62
    Ammunition Shots 38 rounds 5000
    Engine, Power l. with. / Type 1040/dizel
    Maximum speed km / h 70
    Range, km 550
    Obstacles, m vertical wall 1.15 3 ditch depth of ford 1.2 rise, 30 degrees


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