Maverick AGM-65a (AGM-65b)




    management system:

    Office for radio








    6 km.

    year development:


    maverick agm-65a (agm-65b)" Maverick "- tactical missile air-to-surface, designed to destroy a wide range of purposes: tanks, armored personnel carriers, surface ships, launchers,


    Missiles AGM-65A and AGM-65B equipped with a 2-mode solid-TX-481 engines. In the starting mode, it develops thrust 4540 kgf, and marching - 990 kgs. Total momentum of 6160 kg thrust, the engine is running 3.5s.

    warhead missile - cumulative with contact fuze.

    maverick agm-65a (agm-65b)

    Actions pilot using these missiles are as follows. Flight to the target it performs usually at low altitude. After visual detection and target identification pilot directs his plane toward her. After that translates select switch weapons in the position corresponding to the selected missile, thereby giving her team for promotion of the gyroscope and the nose cone cover reset homing. At the same time the pilot makes the climb to 150-250 m image areas with homing transmitted to the impact indicator in the cockpit. The pilot, watching aim visually piloting plane in such a way that its image appears on the screen. Finding the target on screen, turning the handle homing he imposes on her electronic crosshairs and presses the "Tracking". As a result, the seeker is put on target tracking. Performing the launch (with the permitted range), the pilot brings the plane out of a dive, in which he entered as a result of the maneuvering of sight (up to the maximum time of the last 10-15 s), and depending on the task or situation goes out of combat or searches for a new purpose . To use missiles AFM 65B in sight system made some changes, resulting in the display instead of the pilot electronic crosshairs displayed 4 marks which he frames the selected target. In addition, the screen comes with an electronic cross whose position relative to the central label shows the deflection angle axis homing (Mode target tracking) from the longitudinal axis of the airplane. If this angle exceeds this value, the cross begins to periodically change their brightness (flashing). In this case, the pilot must more accurately aim at the target plane. In addition, in the upper left corner of the screen displays sector, which flashes when the homing missile does not distinguish between target (large range, small size it is not sufficient optical contrast.) Sector and cross displayed at a constant brightness, when the conditions of capture and target tracking are made.


    aircraft carrier

    A-10, F-15E, F-16

    flight speed, km / h


    Range, km


    rocket length, mm


    Diameter missiles mm


    Wingspan mm


    Starting weight, kg



    shaped-charge warhead, kg


    Engine weight

    TX-481, kg


    tests and operation

    Evaluating the results of combat use missiles "Maverick" with television homing in Vietnam (AGM-65A), during "Operation Desert Storm", during flight tests and the training starts (AGM-65A and AGM- 65B), experts note that these missiles have relatively high accuracy. According to their calculations, the probability of hitting a guided missile in the small-sized target (tank, armored personnel carriers, etc.) was on average equal to 85%. However it is emphasized that this was achieved in favorable conditions (only in the afternoon and with good visibility of the visual target), in which is possible to use guided missiles with television homing. This imposes greater restrictions on the use of rockets in the conditions of Central European and Northern European theaters of war, especially in the winter, due to a significant reduction in daylength, frequent mists and rain. Therefore, to effectively apply guided missiles with television homing in this period can be only 30% of the light time of day.


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