Maverick AGM-65d




    management system:

    TV GOS








    12 km.

    year development:


    maverick agm-65d" Maverick "AGM-65D - modification of tactical missiles" Maverick "AGM-65A air-to-surface, equipped with thermal homing head. Designed by the American firm "Hughes Aircraft Co" and entered service in 1986. The missile is designed to engage a wide range of purposes. Besides working with armored vehicles or engines shut down recently, aircraft on the ground, which are powerful enough to heat sources, guided missile AGM-65D can also be used on artificial structures, thermally contrast relative to the background surface of the earth.

    When creating

    missiles AGM-65D aim was - to overcome the limitations on combat use, characteristic of the early version of the same missile with television homing - AGM-65A and AGM-65B. Rocket AGM-65D can be used both day and night and adverse weather conditions, including the presence of smoke and dust over the battlefield. Moreover, ceteris paribus its seeker can acquire a target at a distance of 9-12 km, which is almost two times higher than television head guided missiles AGM-65A and AGM-65B. In the winter time, the possibility of its application only reduced by 10-12% and not 70%.


    maverick agm-65d All options missiles" Maverick "Planes have the same normal aerodynamic design and are equipped with two-mode solid engine TX-481. In the starting mode, it develops thrust 4540 kgf, and marching - 990 kgs. Total momentum of 6160 kg thrust, the engine is running 3.5s.


    GOS formed as a removable module that allows it to replace the head of other types.

    The composition

    coordinator GOS objectives include optical system and electronic components for the treatment of infrared (IR) signals and generating commands. Natural thermal radiation emitted by the purpose and the surrounding background in the IR spectrum, through the input window of the lens and deflection mirror optical system is supplied to the scanner. Its inner annular surface 20 is formed narrow mirrored plates to be installed at various angles to each other. This means that when the device rotates at a speed of 60 rev / min occurs progressive field of view GOS. Specular reflection plates image falls on the lattice IR detectors, cooled to very low temperatures in order to achieve sufficient sensitivity of the GOS. Video signals taken from the output of the lattice are introduced into a raster scan display, which is located in an airplane cockpit.

    maverick agm-65d

    When using SD

    "Maverick" AGM-65D for the primary search and target detection is used on board an aircraft carrier forward-looking infrared station, and in her absence - thermal head missiles. Image reproduced on the airplane display superimposed crosshair reticle and a rectangular target lock. When it detects IR or thermal GSN station switched to Overview mode with a narrow field of view. Then reticle superimposed on the target, and after its capture by the head (in the range of the permitted range) carried launch.


    homing is performed by two methods - centroid determination and autocorrelation. The first method is used when the target is less than a 60% solid angle field of view of the head. Coordinator GOS provides automatic determination of the phase center of the target image in its silhouette and guidance on this center. At rapprochement with the aim at the moment when it begins to take over 60% of the field angle, head automatically switches to maintenance mode autocorrelation and guidance, which is made frame by frame image comparison with determination of the autocorrelation function and generation of signals pointing errors, fulfills autopilot.

    Transparent IR rays GOS fairing made of zinc sulfide, can come into disrepair as a result of erosion that occurs under the influence of solid particles and precipitation at disrupting the protective cover during flight training aircraft with missiles suspended "Maverick". To prolong its life, developed a special flexible plastic cover. It is deposited by polymerization in the gas discharge in the form of a thin film having a thickness of 5.4 microns, which deteriorates the transparency of the fairing only 3%.

    high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary missile warhead weighing 135 kg has a solid steel housing within which is placed a powerful explosive charge. Chassis design eliminates its ricocheting and due to the large weight provides penetration targets (hull or a concrete floor) and undermining BB done some slowdown selected depending on the nature of the goal.


    aircraft carrier

    A-10, F-15E, F-16

    flight speed, km / h


    Range, km


    Range capture target GOS km


    rocket length, mm


    Diameter missiles mm


    Wingspan mm


    Starting weight, kg


    Weight of warhead, kg


    Engine weight

    TX-481, kg



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