Maverick AGM-65f




    management system:










    9 km.

    year development:


    maverick agm-65f" Maverick "AGM-65F - modification of tactical missiles" Maverick "AGM-65A air-to-surface, equipped with thermal homing head. Designed by the American firm "Hughes Aircraft Co" commissioned by the U.S. Navy for use against naval targets. Differs from similar missile "Maverick" AGM-65D, located in the Air Force, the fact that its GSN optimized for hitting the most vulnerable points of the ship. Large thermal contrast ship on the water surface has increased the range of the target lock, so you can start to produce missiles with a range greater than 9 km. Designed for aircraft armament A-7E and F-18 naval aviation.


    maverick agm-65f All options missiles" Maverick "Planes have the same normal aerodynamic design and are equipped with two-mode solid engine TX-481. In the starting mode, it develops thrust 4540 kgf, and marching - 990 kgs. Total momentum of 6160 kg thrust, the engine is running 3.5s.

    high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary missile warhead weighing 135 kg has a solid steel housing within which is placed a powerful explosive charge. Chassis design eliminates its ricocheting and due to the large weight of the hull provides penetration and subversion BB done some slowdown selected depending on the nature of the goal.


    say U.S. military experts to apply UR "Maverick" AGM-65F are ideal conditions: daylight, visibility about 20 km, while the sun should illuminate the target and simultaneously mask attacking aircraft. In the plaque may be carried out several attacks. In the first approach the target optionally attack all ships from the group. Expedient so to plan the attack, in order to concentrate on hitting the most important purposes, to suppress their weapons, and further deprive the course and even sink may have other means.


    tactics of attacking ships using SD "Maverick" depends on the group of attack aircraft. So, if you perform a single attack aircraft flight to the target must be made at extremely low altitudes in radio silence. In this case it is necessary to withdraw strike aircraft to a point from which the goal can be reliably detected onboard means. In this case, the pilot usually brings his plane at a given point using autonomous inertial navigation system. Upon entering the detection zone purpose he performs its visual search or maneuvering his plane in the horizontal plane, the area looks its location with a thermal imaging seeker. SD test experience "Maverick" AGM-65F over the ocean shows that under average conditions (overcast, daytime sea state 2 points) pilot can visually detect the target, include the necessary switches, maneuver the aircraft to enter the goal in sight seeker, go to aiming on thermal indicator, recognize, acquire a target and throw a rocket to near the entrance to the zone of the ship's air defense systems.


    volley of missiles can be carried on a single target with a single call (the first rocket fuse is installed on the immediate undermining the rest - with a given computational delay). The attack can be repeated from the other direction. Typical maneuver out of the attack - a turn with a reduction.


    strike aircraft, with on-board four SD "Maverick", is a pretty serious threat. Usually their action strategy is as follows. In the approach to the selected point on the front of the aircraft opens. This allows each pilot to concentrate on aiming, reduces the risk of collision with their planes in order of battle, and complicates the task of enemy air defense systems. Furthermore, the opening at the front enables search and attack multiple targets simultaneously.

    The attack

    link at night to ensure the safety of flight, except for the front opening, provided apply maneuver speed, altitude and direction of approach to the target. Avoiding purpose each aircraft must perform yourself.

    massive raid on a group of ships larger force should be subject to closer interaction between multiple units attack aircraft and support aircraft. The management of such large groups of aircraft, according to U.S. military personnel and other NATO countries, it is difficult in terms of coordination of their actions. However, they can cause more powerful impact in a short time. In this attack aircraft provided groups spend usually from different directions with a small time interval.


    aircraft carrier

    A-7E, F-18

    flight speed, km / h


    Range, km


    Range capture target GOS km


    rocket length, mm


    Diameter missiles mm


    Wingspan mm


    Starting weight, kg


    Weight of warhead, kg


    Engine weight

    TX-481, kg



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