Medium tank T-62



    This machine was created in 1960 a team of design bureau headed by LN Kartseva based components and assemblies of the T-55. It optimally combines powerful weaponry and high mobility. Reliable protection of the T-62 is provided by the configuration of the hull and turret, as well as appropriate use of armor thickness and quality. At a height of 2 m target blank range 115 mm smoothbore gun armor-piercing projectiles is 1870 sq. She paired 7.62-mm machine gun. All arms stabilized in two planes (stabilizer Meteor). The presence of a telescopic sight hinge, night vision devices, commanding means tseleukaeaniya, ejection device removal powder gases allows effective fire from the place and on the move, day and night. To remove shell casings from a tank gun equipped with a system output, and there is a hatch in the tower, covered with a lid. After the shot is captured ekstraktirovannaya sleeve trap hatch in the tower opened, and the sleeve is thrown out. In 1961, on the basis of units of T-62 was created several prototypes. One of them was a medium tank to 167. " It set multifuel diesel engine 517 kW (700 hp.).. Chassis 6-Katkov with supporting rollers and more powerful vane dampers. Aluminum wheels rollers with steel ribs.

    To increase the speed of the modified final drive gear ratio and increased the diameter of the driving wheels. Systems equipped with underwater driving and anti-nuclear defense. Machine weight was 36.7 tons, the speed increased to 64 km / h Other features are the same as the T-62. Object 167 "is equipped with a set of Little intended for firing at armored targets at a distance of more than 1000 m It includes launcher with three guides, equipment guidance and control systems and missiles. Unit is mounted on brackets rear frame towers and protected. Rockets placed on the rails, which are mounted two ammunition inside the crew compartment. In 1963, the designers have offered another prototype medium tank. From his predecessor he differed propulsion instead of diesel used gas turbine engine. This innovation led to a fundamental change in power transmission. Main clutch is absent, and disconnect the engine from the drive wheels carried by incorporating locking clutch planetary rotation mechanisms (PMP). Transmission and PMP are mounted in a single unit. Chassis, communications equipment and accessories are the same as on the object 167. " Both tanks on a number of parameters exceeds the T-62, but inferior to him in snaryadostoykosti body. Another, developed on the basis of the T-62, manufactured commercially. This - created in 1968 Tank Destroyer IT 1. It is running flat shape tower, roof hatches which are to exit the rocket launcher, the operator with an inspection device and a commander's cupola. Machine weight 35 tons, crew of 3 persons., Body armor 100 mm, 206 mm turret, diesel engine power of 427 kW (580 hp.)., Speed 50 km / h


    < td> T-62MK
    Brand Index fundamental differences
    Ob.166 prototype T-62
    T-62 Ob.166 Base sample is based on the T-55
    T-62K Ob.166K ob.166KN Commanding T-62 with p / s P-130 Same as ob.166K + TNA-3 or TNA-2
    T-62M Ob.166M Extras. body armor turret and hull, manhole. Rangefinder KTD-2 (1), ballistic computer BV-62, CHC Sheksna
    T-62M-1 Ob.166M-1 T-62M with the engine V-46-5M
    T-62M1 Ob.166M1 T 62M without CHC
    T-62M1-1 Ob.166M1-1 T-62M-1 CHC without
    T-62MV Ob.166MV T-62M with ERA
    Ob.166MK Commanding T-62M, p / s P-123 and THA-3
    T-62D T-62MD Ob.166D ob.166MD T-62 and T-62M with KAZ Drozd
    < td> Specific pressure, kg/cm2


    Combat weight, t 37
    Crew 4
    Size mm Length with gun forward 9335 body length 6630 width 3300 height 2395 clearance 430
    Gun Caliber, mm 115 GSP type
    gun, caliber mm 7,62
    Engine Brand B-55 type mnogotopl. diesel, V-mod
    Power l. with. 580
    Maximum speed km / h 50
    Range, km 500



    medium tank T-62

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