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    peculiarity tank TAM is a front-mounted MTO and the drive wheels, and cooling system power pack installed in the rear of the hull. Department of Management located in the left front of the case, to change direction a driver uses a traditional steering wheel. For his seat in the bottom of the case there is an emergency hatch, moreover, another hatch through which can, if need to evacuate the crew, is located in the aft hull plates. Due to organize the front ITO tower displaced towards the stern. In it the tank commander and gunner are right, charging the left of the gun. In the niche turret TAM laid 20 shots for the gun, another 30 shots taken in the case. Usually load ammunition and eject spent cartridges using a special hatch in the left side of the tower. If necessary ammunition can be quickly downloaded via the already mentioned afterhatch.

    main armament is a 105mm rifled gun. In the first sample is established West German gun Rh 105.30, then gun Argentine development, but in both cases you can use all standard 105-mm ammunition. TAM has a gun tank purge ejector barrel and heat shield. It stabilized in two planes. With gun paired 7.62mm Belgian gun, manufactured under license in Argentina. The same machine gun mounted on the roof as the zenith. By 6000 there guns ammunition. For observation and firing tank commander uses unstabilized panoramic sight TRP-2A with an increase from 6 to 20 times, more like a tank commander sight Leopard-1, an optical rangefinder and 8 prism instruments. Instead panoramic sight can be mounted infrared sight. Do gunner, whose place in front and below the commander, set sights TZF firm Zeiss 8-fold increase.

    hull and turret TAM rolled welded steel armor provides protection against small caliber projectiles (40 mm) automatic guns. Some strengthening of protection can be achieved by applying an additional reservation, but due to the low duty chassis such opportunities are limited. Sides of the hull and tank tops TAM caterpillars covered with rubber screens. To disguise the tank designed TAM company Wegmann smoke grenade launchers (two blocks of 4 each barrel) mounted on the sides of the tower.

    In the engine-transmission compartment contains the engine, transmission and service systems. Sloping armor plate can be lifted above the MTO to provide access to units MTU for their service. On prototypes used the same diesel engine 441 kW (600 hp.)., As in the West BMP Marder, but on serial machines it has been boosted to 529 kW (720 hp.).. The engine is assembled into one unit with hydromechanical transmission HSWL-204 company Renk. Planetary gearbox provides 4 forward gears and reverse. The drive rotation transmission used hydrostatic transmission.

    Chassis tank TAM comprises 6 core and 3 supporting rubberized rollers on board, individual torsion bar suspension with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers at the first, second, fifth and sixth nodes, front wheel drive and rear guide wheels, caterpillars company Diehl with removable rubber pillows.

    Tank TAM, without preparation, can overcome a ford deep 1.4 m, 2.25 m with the preparation, and the use vozduhopitayuschey pipe can overcome water obstacles on the bottom to a depth of 4 m

    Depending on customer requirements for TAM tank can be installed additional armor, it can be equipped with various means of internal and external communications. Standard equipment of the tank are NBC protection system, heater for winter starting the engine crew compartment heater, electric bilge pumps and fire suppression system, activated manually or automatically.

    On the basis of tank

    TAM developed self-propelled artillery system 155mm VCA 155, Bram VCRT and MLRS.


    Company Thyssen-Henschel was developed version of the tank, called VT-301 (the original name of TAM-4). Sample was collected in 1978 Externally it differs little from the tank TAM, but the fire control system and the engine-transmission unit made quite a few significant changes.

    In addition to the 8 prisms for Omnidirection on site commander set sights PERI-R12 borrowed from the tank Leopard-1A4. This stable head permits rotation of the sight in the horizontal plane for 360 °, the angle of elevation of +60 °, a reduction -10 °. The sight has a 2 and an 8-fold increase. Gunner uses stabilized periscope sight 8-fold increase, skompleksirovanny with a laser rangefinder.

    main armament - 105mm gun Rh-105.30 - has angles of elevation and declination +18 ° -7 °. Gun stabilized in two planes. In MSA uses an electronic digital ballistic computer. At night, the commander and gunner use low-level television system. LLL TV camera system mounted on the gun mask, and the image transmitted to monitors placed on workplace gunner and commander.

    The tank

    TAM installed diesel MB 833 Ka-500 power 551 kW (with 750l..). It is associated with hydromechanical transmission HSWL-204 having a hydrodynamic retarder, increasing braking performance.


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    Combat weight, t 30,5
    Size mm Length with gun forward 8230 width 3120 height 2420 clearance 440
    Cannon, brand / type / caliber, mm L7A2 / NP / 105 machine guns, number x caliber, mm 2 x 7.62
    Ammunition Shots 50 rounds 6000
    Engine power, hp. with. 720
    Ground pressure, kg / sq cm 0,79
    Maximum speed km / h 75
    Cruising on the highway, km Without additional . fuel tanks with 550 extra. fuel tanks 900
    Obstacles m vertical wall 0.9 2.9 moat ford 1,4


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    medium tank TAM

    tank tam. Medium Tank tam tank tam. medium tank tam tank tam. medium tank tam


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