Pepperboks Allen & Thurber pepperbox

    pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox

    Allen & Thurber pepperbox Sample 1837
    With a barrel length of 100 mm

    At the end of the XVIII century, a new short arms, called «pepperbox». Literally, the word «pepperbox» translates to English as "a box of pepper" or "pepper". Pepperbox was a short-barreled muzzle-loading multi-stemmed flintlock weapons. In the years 1780-1800 peperboksy flintlock and manually rotating unit trunks appeared in Great Britain and the United States. However, the structural imperfections prevented their widespread use.

    pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox
    Allen & Thurber pepperbox
    Type the trigger

    in the 1830s with the advent of a cap bolt appeared and a new generation pepperboksov. The first constructor pepperboksov with primer castle became an American Ethan Allen (Ethan Allen) from Massachusetts and Belgian Gilles Marietta (Gilles Mariette). In 1837 and 1839, respectively, they have received patents for its peperboksy.

    In 1837, an American entrepreneur and gunsmith Ethan Allen along with his brother under the trademark «Allen & Thurber» set up production pepperboksov.

    There were several modifications

    pepperboksa Allen - with gauges ot.31 do.36 and different amounts (up to 6) and length (60 mm to 140 mm) barrels. Most widely pepperbox Allen & Thurber with six trunks. Mass uncharged arms was 0.7 kg or more, depending on the length of the barrel caliber and used.

    pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox

    Allen & Thurber Dragoon Pepperbox Norwich
    Kalibra.36 produced in 1842-1847
    pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox
    Allen & Thurber pepperbox
    View of the unit trunks front, side and rear

    This weapon is made in America, has a capsule locking with double action. Rotating shafts and platoon carried trigger trigger.


    smooth barrels made from a single piece of steel. The block with stems is mounted on the central axis and fastened to the weapon muzzle side. Rotation of the block is carried out via a ratchet.

    patented weapon is part of the mechanism of double action with squared trigger. Trigger line, rectangular in cross-section, the axis is parallel to the block trunks. Impact mechanism is at the top in the breech weapons.

    rear of the receiver unit with brandtrubkami, fenced in round recesses closed metal plate with a small cut on top at the striker, which is attached to the frame with screws.

    When you press the trigger, the spring is hidden inside the body, activates the trigger. Trigger rises up until it does not open the locking hook, then he falls down and hits the striker cupped the primer worn by brandtrubku.

    Primers can be replaced through the slot to the right of the trigger bow. When lightly pressed the trigger nose portion is moved away from the trigger caps and trunks can scroll clockwise to recharge.

    access mechanism is performed by taking the left side plate breech.

    Sights absent.

    oval trigger guard, trigger C-shaped.

    handle oval in cross-section, with a rounded butt pad is formed by two convex wooden cheeks, fastened with a screw shank.


    pepperbox Allen & Thurber, as a rule, be engraved. On the left side of the hammer is the inscription «ALLEN'S PATENT», and trunks on the block, as a rule - company name - «ALLEN & THURBER» in particular.

    At various times

    manufacture these weapons produced under various trademarks, including in England:

      1837-1842 gg: Allen & Thurber (Grafton) ,1842-1847: Allen & Thurber (Norwich) ,1847-1854: Allen & Thurber (Worcester) ,1854-1856: Allen Thurber & ; Co (Worcester) ,1856-1865: Allen & Wheelock (Worcester) ,1865-1871: E. Allen & Company (Worcester).

      Pepperbox Allen & Thurber was a neat, compact weapon of good quality, which was typical of all production of firm E. Allen. This high rate of different weapons (of course, with prolonged loader), low accuracy due to the tight battle trigger cocking and firing godilos only for short distances.

      pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox

      Allen & Thurber pepperbox (Worcester)
      Kalibra.31 and with a barrel length of 100 mm
      pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox
      Allen & Thurber pepperbox
      View of the trigger guard below

      This pepperboks Allen was a success and was widely distributed. However, not on the legendary Wild West, which at that time were just beginning to develop, and in the eastern part of the country. Ganfayterov with pepperboksami Allen could meet as often as armed classic Colt revolvers. Important role played terrible, heavy, awkward kind of weapon: numerous holes trunks scared much stronger than one "miserable" barrel of a revolver.

      Weapons of this type were not combat supplies, although volunteers have used it in the U.S. Civil War 1861 - 1865 gg. Basically, it was used as a weapon of self-defense at close range. With the proliferation of revolvers chambered central ignition in the second half of the XIX century peperboksov issue was discontinued.

      pepperboks allen & thurber pepperbox

      Allen & Thurber pepperbox sample 1857
      Kalibr.36, barrel length 152 mm, total length 260 mm weapons


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