Pepperboks Mariette Brevete Pepperbox

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox

    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 9mm
    With four 60 mm long barrels

    In 1837, an American entrepreneur and gunsmith Ethan Allen (Ethan Allen) of Massachusetts has developed and received a patent for «pepperbox» (pepperboks) with a cap bolt («pepperbox» translates to English as "pepper box" or "pepper"). Pepperboks Allen was a short arms with rotating barrel unit (up to 6 trunks in one block).

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox
    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 4 trunks
    Overall length - 180 mm, barrel length - 60 mm, 9 mm caliber

    In the same 1837 pepperboks with a cap lock, but a different design was created in Europe by the Belgian Gilles Marietta (Gilles Mariette). In 1839, Marietta received a patent for his weapon, and established its production in Liege named Mariette Brevete Pepperbox.

    Pepperboksy Marietta produced in calibers from 7.5 to 12.7 mm and have 4 to 18 shafts in length from 60 to 150 mm each. In addition to raising intimidate the enemy, and paid attention to design - a weapon decorated spectacular patterns, sometimes gilded, and the descent was carried out in the form of a ring, and not the hook.

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox

    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox caliber 7.8 mm (top) and 9.6 mm (bottom)
    With 8 shafts 90 mm, total length - 200 mm

    Unlike American "pepper pot" trunks Pepperbox Mariette Brevete not connected into one unit, and separately bolted to the chamber, in which are inserted into capsules. The barrel and chamber are numbered.

    All barrels are screwed to the spindle on the fixed breech, access to which is provided by, abandoned in the middle of the block trunks holes.

    Pressing the ring descent trunks rotate turns moving into position for the shot, the internal trigger moves back and strikes at the very bottom cap. Capsules exist between partitions, in addition thereto, another shutter extends when ignited primer.

    Primers are on the same axis with the barrels, which reduces the possibility of misfire.

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox

    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox caliber 9.6 mm
    With 8 shafts 70 mm long
    (One trunk is disconnected for charging)

    Installing new primers is carried out by pressing the shutter ring sufficient to trunks could scroll manually. In the right part of the frame cut a special opening for the capsule.

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox
    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 18 barrels

    To load the gun must unscrew each barrel separately and lay it ammo breech. Each trunk has four rectangular recess in the muzzle, so that it may be easier to remove by means of a special key.

    handle formed by two arms bulging cheeks (from wood, ivory or ebony), fastened with a screw shank.

    Sights absent.

    Pepperbox Mariette Brevete was a neat, compact weapon of good quality and used for shooting at short distances as a weapon of self-defense. For his time, he was noted for a high rate (of course, prolonged the loading) and low accuracy because of the tight battle trigger and poor balance.

    This weapon proved quite successful and even competed in Europe with a cap gun. Many European gunsmiths (primarily Belgium and France) have to copy it, and preserved in the collections of a fair amount of samples, similar model Marietta, but bad unrecognizable.

    With the proliferation of

    revolvers chambered central ignition in the second half of the XIX century peperboksov issue was discontinued.

    pepperboks mariette brevete pepperbox

    Mariette Brevete Pepperbox 18 barrels


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