Pistol Glock 17 / P80

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17 (P80)
    Early release

    In the early 1980s, the Austrian military department to replace in service with Austria, outdated models of pistols was a competition for the development of new as simple, efficient and reliable sample of handguns.

    In the struggle for order promising attended by such well-known manufacturers of weapons as «Beretta», «Fabrique Nationale», «Heckler & Koch», «Sig-Sauer», among which was before not known in the production of small weapons company «Glock GmbH».

    At that moment a little firm «Glock GmbH» engineer Gaston Glock owned (Gaston Glock), which he founded it in 1963 in the village of Deutsch-Wagram, near Vienna. Glock originally involved in the production of machines for completely peaceful purposes, and later turned into a manufacturer of military products - fighting knives, entrenching tools, digging tools, spare parts for machine guns, hand grenades and machine-gun belts. In the normal course of business Glock graduated ferlahskoe higher weapons-technical school and decided to try his hand in the arms field. In the mid-1970s, Gaston Glock has set his task designers create the perfect gun that was supposed to be simple to use and maintain, have low weight, highly reliable and firepower.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17 (P80)
    Early release

    a result by the competition of the new Glock pistols for the Austrian army was a sample of 9-mm pistol, called Glock 17 (the number 17 meant capacity cartridges in the store).

    main feature Glock 17 pistol was that his frame together with the grip and trigger guard, as well as a number of small parts were izgotavleny of high strength, heat-resistant polymeric materials. However, in fairness it should be noted that the pioneer in this field was a firm «Heckler & Koch GmbH», which in 1973 released the polymer frame pistol with VP 70. But the use of these weapons in the inertial mode locking the barrel mass released with the fashion chuck 9x19 mm required to make a very heavy gate that gave no gain in weight, and VP 70 pistol was discontinued. Gaston Glock, examining the experience of the firm «HK» and appreciate the future role of plastics in the manufacture of personal weapons, refocused his company to develop in the future to issue pistols under the powerful cartridges using plastics, selecting for his pistol Browning system for locking the barrel.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17

    In May 1982, the results of tests carried Glock 17 pistol was adopted by the Austrian army under the designation P80.

    new pistol proved to be extremely reliable and comfortable, lightweight and durable, having a simple structure. Design feature was the absence of a gun and the trigger guard pin. Principle - "snatched and shoot." Gun mostly made of high temperature resistant (up to 200 ° C) plastic. It consists of parts 34 and can be fully disassembled in less than one minute using nails or studs.

    Automation Glock 17 works by recoil barrel with his short course. The barrel is locked due to the occurrence of the upper lip in the trunk box housing-bolt. Unlocking the bore is at lowering its breech down with the lower tide and breech axis during recoil barrel.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17

    trunk inside a hexagonal cutting chamber and the outside - a cylindrical surface and square breech that has a protrusion on top form the top of the housing-bolt to remove the spent cartridges, and below the tide with cutouts for contact with the axis of the frame and bevel for guiding cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17

    At the bottom of the chamber is a valve that provides removal of powder gases forced their way into the pistol handle overpressure in the trunk to 150-200%.

    casing shutter has a U-shape.

    trunk and hood-valve inside and covered with a special coating "tenifer».

    Frame pistol together with the grip and trigger guard is made of high-strength polymer material (plastic) type monocoque, which provides structural strength and some easing action returns. Operational framework, which moves the gate-steel housing, reinforced with steel inserts.

    pistol grip is part of the framework that ensured its relatively small size and convenient form with two-row store large capacity. Inclination of the handgrip to the bore axis is 108 °. Earlier issues had pistols handle with flat cheeks and grooved front and rear surfaces. Pistols later releases received notches fingers on the front side of the handle and a small "shelf" under the thumb of their sidewalls and rails for mounting accessories (laser pointer, flashlight, etc) on the frame under the barrel.

    Form bending front of the trigger guard is designed for the imposition of the index finger of the second hand when shooting with two hands. The front face of the trigger guard is ribbed for better stability weapon in his hand when shooting.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    diagram Automatic fuse

    Power pistol ammunition made from detachable box magazine with 17 rounds dual inline staggered. Although regular stores are designed for 17 rounds can be used and magazine capacity of 19 and 33 cartridges.

    Latch shop is located at the junction of the trigger guard and the handle is pushed forward.


    expenditure of ammunition in the store cover-gate remains in the rear position on gate delay, whose head displayed on the left side of the frame above the handle. Closer to its trunk lever is on the left side of the frame above the trigger.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Scheme of combat fuse

    pistol has no manual safety, but is equipped with an integrated security system consisting of three independently operating circuit breakers, which are turned off only when the trigger is pulled. It includes the following fuses: Fuse trigger. It is located on the trigger locks it and does not allow to move back. Off only with a strong touch of a finger on the trigger, combat fuse. It blocks the firing pin. Special projection off the trigger rod while pressing the trigger; shockproof fuse. Is designed as a cross-shaped protrusion on the trigger rod, which lies on one side of the core box in figure shutter in its upper position. Before firing a special tab on the rear of the firing pin is jamming with a tooth on the end of trigger pull.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    of working-resistant fuse

    trigger mechanism striker type with pre-cocked striker. This so-called dovzvodny trigger in which the impact mechanism partially cocked when reloading, and partly - by pressing the trigger.

    trigger mechanism operates as follows. When you press the trigger is squeezed fuse first descent. If you continue to press the trigger to release a special lug traction lifts combat guard up and releases the channel through which the firing pin moves. The rear end of trigger pull has a cross shape on one side and "cross" lies in the core figure window shutter in the top position. When the weapon is ready to fire, special protrusion on a rear portion of the striker is meshed with the tooth at the end of the trigger pull. When you press the trigger trigger bar moves back and dovzvodit striker with the mainspring. At the last stage of the movement rests on the trigger bar disconnector and the down position, the firing pin is released and goes under the action of the mainspring and breaks forward primer. Occurs shot. During the cycle the notch on the inside of the shutter release moves and outputs thrust of engagement with disconnector allows her to rise to the top position by the spring of the trigger, and the tooth at its end engages the ledge again at the end of the striker. As we move forward spring trigger pull the hammer back to its normal state, and resumes its action fuse.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17
    Clearly visible sights

    Sights open type mounted on the flat top surface of the bolt shroud and include a removable front sight and a constant sight, mounted in a transverse groove type "dovetail". Fly is equipped with luminous point and rectangular slot sight framed glowing frame. The sight can be replaced by an adjustable, but for military pistols is not practiced. Adjustable sights comes "sports" model Glock 17L.


    pistol frame above the trigger guard on both sides are latch, pressing down on that produced partially disassembled gun (removal of the barrel, recoil spring and bolt from the frame). Dismantling of major components and spare parts (handle, bolt, barrel and back-action spring with shaft) is performed without special tools.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17
    Partial disassembly

    All metal parts Glock 17 pistol processed technology Tennifer (Tennifer), which is unique to the company Glock GmbH and its closely guarded secret. As a result of this treatment, the surface to a depth of 0.05 mm around 69 acquires hardness Rockwell units (for comparison - industrial diamond hardness 71-72).

    outer housing and the pistol frame can be made of plastic of different colors. Best known for the classic black, there is also an option in camouflage design. In the production of parts subjected to the greatest stress, plastic reinforced with metal plates. Operational framework, which moves the casing shutter, reinforced steel inserts. In the bottom of the frame with a small metal plate on which the serial number stamped gun.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17 The advantages

    Glock 17 pistol applies:
    - High resistance to corrosion due to a special patented by Glock processing technology trunks and lots of plastic parts.
    - Effective use of weapons in virtually all climatic zones, except the extreme north and areas of extreme continental climate, where temperatures can drop below? 40 ° C.
    - Smooth recoil and high accuracy of fire, through the use of a large number of plastic parts.
    - Smaller than the handguns of the same class, the weight by making the body and frame pistol made of plastic.
    - High wear resistance of assemblies and mechanisms. Trunk to allow burning to produce 300-350 thousand shots (other pistols on average this value is 40-50 thousand rounds).
    - Reduction in the firing position does not require a switch fuse.
    - Manufacturer's declaration possibility of firing in the aquatic environment without damaging the gun by changing the recoil spring.
    - The pistol can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance without the use of special equipment.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17

    This Glock 17 is not without flaws, and concluded as follows:
    - Small footprint guide causes of their relatively rapid wear, which leads to the appearance of lateral play shutter casing, and as a consequence, reduce the accuracy of fire.
    - There is a possibility that prolonged wearing in your pocket without regular maintenance debris can clog the trip lever stopper drummer that would make it impossible shot. But, according to some sources, this event too is unlikely to affect the combat capability of real gun.
    - Due to the use of polymeric materials gun becomes more brittle at temperatures below? 40 ° C, which can lead to cracks in the receiver frame and mechanical influences. At higher temperatures - over 200 ° C - may occur plastic deformation of the gun components. Technical recommendations Glock company operating temperature range specified from? 40 to +200 ° C, and the use of a gun outside this temperature range may lead to the failure of its main parts and components design.
    - In continuous operation microcracks appear due to "fatigue" plastic.
    - Can be washed with cover housing-bolt that attaches arms sloppy appearance.

    widely advertised feature Glock 17 pistol was his ability to fire under water pistol when retrofitting special reinforced spring return. This effect is due to the strength of the trunk and the simple and reliable automation, using sophisticated flue gas system, and replacing the standard recoil spring allows for enhanced return valve back into the firing position and a significantly increased resistance of the medium. The practical value of this ability is not great - this is due to the fact that the energy of a bullet in the water very quickly extinguished due to the high density of the medium, and the effective range does not exceed 1-2 meters. Explosion diagram

    Glock 17 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the gun is subjected to the most severe tests and then kept fighting capacity. He is able to fire out of the water, dusty conditions, in the mud, under any humidity, after removal of mud and sand.

    This gun is a typical self-defense weapon. Maximum sighting range is 50 meters, for effective fire at this distance requires good weapons training and experience in dealing with weapons of which are shooting. On average Glock 17 is most effective at a distance of 20-25 m, due to the fact that even poorly trained shooter capable of hitting a target at a distance. The initial velocity of a bullet fired from the Glock 17, at the muzzle of 350-360 meters per second. Muzzle energy of about 500 J. Data characteristics and defined scope of this model weapons.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17C
    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17C In the basic model

    Glock 17 has created a variation Glock 17C. Pistol Glock 17C has a built compensator made as upward several holes located in the muzzle of the barrel, and the corresponding oblong cutouts at the top of housing-bolt. The availability of this device allowed to reduce recoil, slightly increased the accuracy of fire.

    In 1988, for sports (practical) shooting model was created Glock 17L. Glock 17L differs from the basic model Glock 17 extended to 153 mm barrel (thereby increasing the overall length of the gun 39 mm and weight without magazine 45 g), cover-gate, adjustable rear sight, extended magazine release, as well as a special trigger mechanism with a reduction in force on the trigger to 2 kg. "Window" at the top of the housing-bolt compensates for excess weight, providing the necessary weight for automation.

    gun glock 17 / p80
    Glock 17L

    After taking in 1982 Glock 17 pistol by Austrian company «Glock» was ordered 25,000 pistols. Production facilities were not ready for such a significant order, so until full deployment fabless conducted subcontracting.

    Soon after receipt of a new gun to the troops, this model has gained significant popularity that prompted the company «Glock» to further expand and improve the lineup, based on the design, which were still kept those successful technical solutions that have been successfully used for the first time when designing Glock 17 pistol.

    Only the first 25 years the company Glock was created more than 30 models under the full range of modern pistol cartridges from 9x19 mm do.45 from police ultracompact models for concealed carry to combat pistols and sporting models with long barrel and released more than 2 x-million handguns, spread throughout the world.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17L
    All guns

    family «Glock» slightly from the base sample «Glock 17." They consist of 34 basic parts, which are much smaller than those of other models of pistols. A significant number of parts in different designs pistols are interchangeable. This unification is from 65% to 94% and eliminates the need to produce a wide variety of spare parts for different models. The design of all guns is very ergonomic. Handles have a slope of 108 ° and the recesses for the fingers. The casing is provided with a shutter-notch and made comfortable by bezkurkovoy scheme. In hexagonal trunks applies advanced cutting, providing easier plunging bullets increase muzzle velocity and reduces the accumulation of dirt thanks to the smooth profile. To reduce the toss weapons when firing the pistol has a low position relative to arrow hands that used to be typical rather for sporting guns. In one caliber pistols, regardless of frame size, shops of various capacities are interchangeable. The same ammo can be used in all models of one caliber. Producing pistols family «Glock» has been launched in seven basic versions: standard; compact, ultra-compact, practical (long barreled for sports and live-fire); sports; "thin" (ultra-compact single in-store for concealed carry), automatic ( with the possibility of firing single and automatic fire).

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17L
    < / tr>
    Glock 17 < / b>
    Caliber, mm 9x19 Luger / Parabellum
    Length, 186
    Barrel length, mm 114
    height of the store mm 138
    Width 30
    Weight kg
    - Without a shop
    - Equipment

    store Weight, kg
    - Unloaded
    - Equipment

    store count. cartridges 17 (19: 33)
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 350 - 360
    Sighting range, m 50

    evaluate the success of pistols "Glock", all leading companies of the world began to develop their designs using polymer pistols in the USA - gun Sigma, Germany - gun P-99, P-95 DAO, in Russia - pistols "Skif" and GS-18, Czech Republic - CZ-100, etc.

    Several companies have embarked on tuning and fine-tuning pistols Glock. Thus, the firm "Apo-Tek" began to equip long barrel guns, extended slide stop lever and a perfect aiming device, and the company "Robar" - the application of high-strength coatings and reshaping handles with decreasing coverage (such treatment arms designed for women police, police departments often bought).

    With Glock pistols

    began a new era in the history of personal firearms, and the firm - the world fame. For several years «Glock GmbH» among the leading manufacturers of weapons and pistols «Glock» after the appropriate tests and competitions were taken armies and security forces in more than 60 countries.

    gun glock 17 / p80

    Glock 17
    With an installed lamp store and increased capacity


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