Pistol Glock 18

    gun glock 18

    Glock 18
    Early release

    in 1987, specifically for the needs of special forces of the army and the police, the company «Glock GmbH» created automatic pistol Glock 18.

    pistolet glock 18
    Glock 18

    Glock 18 pistol is a modified Glock 17 and it is completely identical, except for the possibility of automatic fire.

    In the basic model was offered the option of Glock 18 with extended to 149 mm barrel in favor of cover-valve with integrated compensator as a group of holes in the top of the muzzle.

    also established a model Glock 18C with standard dimensions of the base case, but different integrated compensator toss barrel. Compensator Glock 18C model is designed as a set of holes in the top of the muzzle of the barrel, which corresponds to the slot in the gate near the front sight.

    Pistol Glock Model 18 has attracted interest of military and police forces, but did not get popularity due to the low efficiency of automatic fire even in comparison with a compact submachine gun.

    gun glock 18

    Glock 18
    With extended to 149 mm barrel with an integrated compensator
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    Glock 18
    Caliber, mm 9x19 Parabellum
    Length mm 186
    Barrel length, mm 114
    Height with magazine for 17 rounds, mm
    Width 30
    - Without a shop
    - Equipment

    Weight store 17 rounds kg
    - Unloaded
    - Equipment

    store count. cartridges 17, 19 and 33
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 350 - 360
    Sighting range, m 50
    Temp automatic fire, rds / min 1200 - 1300

    Automatic Pistol Glock Model 18 operates as a short-stroke trunk and lock using the projection on the trunk, entering the window shutter extraction cartridges. Reduced barrel is shaped tide, made under the barrel.

    udarnikovy pistol has a trigger mechanism, the so-called "safe action» (Safe Action), with 3 automatic fuses, including one - on the trigger. USM feature "safe action" is that during the recharge cycle gun hammer cocked only partially, while it is locked by a circuit breaker. Dovzvedenie impactor occurs only when you press the trigger, and the hammer is blocked from moving forward until the moment of complete squeezing the trigger. Thus, one can achieve the monotonous effort on the trigger from the first to the last shot, which positively affects the accuracy. The force is regulated by the descent of 2.5 to 5 kgf by substituting the springs.

    gun glock 18

    Glock 18C

    gun may conduct both automatic and single type of fire. Continuous rate of fire of 1200-1300 rounds per minute. Besides the fully automatic type of fire is possible to issue Glock model 18, firing bursts of 3 shots (but not within a single sample).

    pistolet glock 18
    View compensator Glock 18C

    bolt pistol is made of steel precision cast and subjected to special treatment to increase corrosion and wear resistance.

    The left rear cover-gate shift lever located ceasefire, firing from an autoloading switching to automatic mode.

    trunk as well as the casing shutter treated specially coated "tenifer».

    Frame pistol is made from high-impact resistant plastic.

    Earlier issues had a pistol grip with flat cheeks and grooved front and rear surfaces. Pistols later releases have recesses for the fingers on the front side of the handle and a small "shelf" under the thumb on their sidewalls. In addition, under the barrel were installed rails for mounting various accessories (laser pointer, flashlight, etc).

    Sights open type mounted on the flat top surface cover-gate and include a fly with a sight mounted in the grooves of the "dovetail". Fly is equipped with luminous point and rectangular slot sight framed glowing frame.

    pistolet glock 18
    Glock 18C

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine with 17 rounds dual inline staggered. Given the possibility of doing automatic firing also used magazines for 19 and 33 cartridges.

    All metal parts Glock 18 pistol model treated technology Tennifer (Tennifer). As a result of this treatment, the surface to a depth of 0.05 mm around 69 acquires hardness Rockwell units (for comparison - industrial diamond hardness 71-72).


    firms for pistols Glock Model 18 was launched production of accessories like folded butt or a special attachment, allowing the use of a spare magazine as a front grip to hold.

    To Glock 18 pistol components could not be used on the base frame Glock 17 pistol (due to very high unification of line pistols Glock), the dimensions of the guide housing-bolt on the Glock 18 is slightly modified.

    gun glock 18

    Glock 18C
    With an installed folding stock and magazine capacity of 33 cartridges


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