Pistol Glock 20

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20
    Early release

    In 1990, Glock developed, primarily for U.S. intelligence, self-loading pistol Glock 20.

    pistolet glock 20
    Glock 20
    Partial disassembly

    Glock 20 Glock pistols continued the family and is a modification of the basic model Glock 17, which is identical in design. However, the new gun was made a number of changes associated with the use of the newly created Glock 20 pistol cartridge powerful 10 mm Auto (was also envisaged use and chuck 10 mm Auto FBI with reduced initial bullet energy obtained as a result of experiments for several years over 10 mm Auto experts FBI). Cartridge 10 mm Auto has a more powerful killer action than 9x19 mm Parabellum, used in previous models Glock 17, Glock 18 and Glock 19.


    use Glock 20-caliber cartridge 10 mm Auto (10x25 mm) magazine capacity has been reduced, and the gun became slightly longer and wider than the Glock 17, but even so parts interchangeability both guns was 50%. Also, the base model new gun except caliber different power unit locking - it was added to the second transverse axis, and subsequently introduced in 9mm model.

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20
    Third generation

    «Glock» became one of the first companies which issued weapons under 10-mm cartridge. Aiming to create a Glock 20, the firm even postpone the release of the model chambered Colt kalibra.45 (.45 ACP), which was offered to the market weapons later labeled Glock 21.

    Gun Glock 20, like the previous model is presented in several different ways:

    - Glock 20 - the base model.

    - Glock 20C - different from the Glock 20 only integrated compensator toss barrel. Compensator is designed as a set of holes in the top of the muzzle of the barrel, which correspond to cuts in the cover-gate near the front sight.

    - Glock 20SF - Glock 20 is different from only a narrow handle obtained by shifting the back of it forward. Created specifically for easy hold arrow with a small wrist. SF denotes gun title «Short Frame».

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20
    Automation Model

    Glock 20, as in the previous scheme pistol works with a short stroke and blanking barrel by means of the projection on the stem entering the window shutter extraction cartridges. Reduced barrel is shaped tide, made under the barrel.

    pistolet glock 20
    Glock 20

    gate made of steel precision cast and subjected to special treatment to increase corrosion and wear resistance.

    Barrel with hexagonal channel. As well as the casing shutter treated specially coated "tenifer».

    udarnikovy pistol has a trigger mechanism, the so-called "safe action» (Safe Action), with 3 automatic fuses, including one - on the trigger. USM feature "safe action" is that during the recharge cycle gun hammer cocked only partially, while it is locked by a circuit breaker. Dovzvedenie impactor occurs only when you press the trigger, and the hammer is blocked from moving forward until the moment of complete squeezing the trigger. Thus, one can achieve the monotonous effort on the trigger from the first to the last shot, which positively affects the accuracy. Standard trigger pull - 2.5 kg.

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20SF

    Sights open type mounted on the flat top surface cover-gate and include a fly with a sight mounted in the grooves of the "dovetail". Fly is equipped with luminous point and rectangular slot sight framed glowing frame.

    pistolet glock 20
    Shops Glock 20
    10 rounds (left) and 15 rounds (right)

    Frame pistol is made from high-impact resistant plastic.

    Earlier issues had a pistol grip with flat cheeks and grooved front and rear surfaces. Pistols later releases have recesses for the fingers on the front side of the handle and a small "shelf" under the thumb of their sidewalls under the barrel - rails for mounting various accessories (laser pointer, flashlight, etc).

    Food arms ammunition is made from full-detachable box magazine with 15 rounds dual inline staggered. Has also been proposed capacity store 10 rounds SIL.

    All metal parts Glock 20 pistol model processed by technology "tennifer» (Tennifer). As a result of this treatment, the surface to a depth of 0.05 mm around 69 acquires hardness Rockwell units (for comparison - industrial diamond hardness 71-72).

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20C

    Since Glock 20 pistol was specially designed taking into account features of the cartridge used, its reliability was the same as the other models of the family Glock.

    Glock 20
    Caliber, mm 10 mm Auto
    Length mm 193
    Barrel length, mm 117
    height of the store mm 139
    Width 32.5
    - Without a shop
    - Equipment

    store Weight, kg
    - Unloaded
    - Equipment

    store count. cartridges 15, 10
    Sighting range, m 50

    Glock 20, who had a 15-round magazine, was not only an excellent weapon for self-defense, but also a great hunting gun. Specifically for this purpose was a replaceable barrel length of 152 mm, extending beyond the gate. Because of its wide comfortable handle Glock 20 pistol much more comfortable with other powerful shooting rounds of 10 mm Auto allows you to hunt for game such as wild boar and white-tailed deer. Skilled shooter capable of putting on a distance of 50 meters five bullets in the 70-mm circle, and hunt in the harshest conditions without worrying about the reliability of the weapon. And finally, if the hunter meets someone more dangerous than a wild beast, Glock 20 can protect his master is much better than single-shot or shop hunting gun.

    Also Glock 20 pistol was also an excellent platform for development of new ammunition. Created in the late 1990s based on the 10 mm Auto promising patron.224 BOZ has bottled sleeve bullet diameter of 5.7 mm with a weight of 1.9 to 3.6 g, and the initial velocity of 640 m / s, which brings it closer to patron 5,7 x28 mm. After installing the longer barrel kalibra.224 BOZ, Glock 20 turned into a weapon capable of striking targets protected by any modern means of individual protection.

    gun glock 20

    Glock 20 «Hunter»
    Hunting variant with a barrel length of 152 mm


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