Pistol Glock 24

    gun glock 24

    Glock 24
    Second generation (early release)

    In 1990 the company «Glock» one of the first released under new patron.40 S & W pistols Glock 22 and Glock 23.

    pistolet glock 24
    Glock 17L

    Patron.40 S & W proposed by «Smith & Wesson» in 1990 almost immediately received the widest distribution as a universal civil police ammunition (according to experts, was the "golden mean" between the popular 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridges and. 45 ACP), and Glock pistols models 22 and 23 caused a high interest in the market U.S. weapons.

    In 1994 the company «Glock» expanded range of pistols under patron.40 SW, releasing a "sports" model Glock 24. Got a new gun barrel length of 153 mm, an elongated housing shutter and shop capacity of 15 rounds.

    Pistol Glock 24 in design is a modification of the basic model Glock 17. The basis of this was taken pistol Glock 17L, c Glock 24 which has identical dimensions.

    pistolet glock 24
    Glock 24
    Second generation

    Automatic weapons, as in previous models, is operated by the recoil barrel with his short course. The barrel is locked due to the occurrence of the upper lip in the trunk box housing-bolt. Unlocking the bore is at lowering its breech down with the lower tide and breech axis during recoil barrel.

    casing shutter having a T-shaped, made of a precision cast steel and subjected to a special treatment for improving the corrosion and wear resistance.

    Barrel with hexagonal channel with six grooves. As well as the casing shutter treated specially coated "tenifer." By lengthening the barrel in the Glock 24, compared with the previous models, succeeded in raising the accuracy of fire.

    udarnikovy pistol has a trigger mechanism, the so-called "safe action» (Safe Action), with 3 automatic fuses, including one - on the trigger. USM feature "safe action" is that during the recharge cycle gun hammer cocked only partially, while it is locked by a circuit breaker. Dovzvedenie impactor occurs only when you press the trigger, and the hammer is blocked from moving forward until the moment of complete squeezing the trigger. Thus, it is possible to achieve a monotonous effort on the trigger from the first to the last shot, which positively affects the accuracy. Standard trigger pull - 2.0 kg.

    Sights open type mounted on the flat top surface cover-gate and include removable fly with constant sight. Normally fly equipped with luminous point and rectangular slot sight framed glowing frame. As intended for the Glock 24, target shooting, the sight can be exchanged adjustable.

    gun glock 24

    Glock 24
    Third generation

    power weapons ammunition made from detachable box magazine with 15 rounds dual inline staggered. In addition you can use the store with a single in 10 rounds.

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    Frame pistol together with the grip and trigger guard is made of high-strength polymer material (plastic) type monocoque. Operational framework, which moves the gate-steel housing, reinforced with steel inserts.

    Earlier issues had a pistol grip with textured front and back surface. Third Generation pistols have recesses for the fingers on the front side of the handle and a small "shelf" under the thumb of their sidewalls under the barrel - rails for mounting various accessories (laser pointer, tactical flashlight, etc).

    All metal parts Glock model 24 processed on technology "tennifer» (Tennifer). As a result of this treatment, the surface to a depth of 0.05 mm around 69 acquires hardness Rockwell units (for comparison - industrial diamond hardness 71-72).


    gun was created specifically taking into account features of the cartridge used, its reliability has remained as high as in the previous model of Glock.

    Caliber, mm .40 SW
    Length mm 225
    Barrel length, mm 153
    height of the store mm 138
    - Without a shop
    - Equipment

    store Weight, kg
    - Unloaded
    - Equipment

    store count. cartridges 15 (17) 10
    Sighting range, m 50
    gun glock 24

    Glock 24C
    pistolet glock 24
    Glock 24C

    In the basic model - Glock 24, has created a variation Glock 24C (letter «C» in the title refers to the gun «Compensated»), differing only in the integrated compensator. Purpose compensator - reduce impact and toss the barrel, so the gun Glock 24C is focused mainly on beginners or sensitive to recoil shooters, as well as those who competes in practical shooting. However, it can be used for hunting, for recreational shooting, self-defense, etc.

    compensator in Glock 24C formed as four holes in the top elliptical shape of the barrel under the "window", the shutter casing. Weight and size and appearance Glock 24C are the same as in the Glock 24. Muzzle velocity of the gun with a compensator is reduced by 2-3% compared to the base model, and a shot of it accompanied by a strong flash. However, instead of the shooter is able to live as rapid fire, because of all the negative effects it minimized.

    gun glock 24

    Glock 24C


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