Pistol Glock 25

    gun glock 25

    Glock 25
    Early release

    In 1995, the international exhibition of firearms held in Nuremberg (Germany), the company «Glock» was presented a new Glock pistol under 25 patron.380 Auto (9x17 mm).

    Compact pistol Glock 25 is a modification of the model Glock 17, adapted to the chuck 9x17 mm (.380 Auto). With this new gun looks identical to the previous model Glock 19 and Glock 23.

    himself pistol Glock 25 designed especially for those countries where civil circulation prohibited ammunition used in the army, such as the 9x19 mm Parabellum (9x19 mm cartridge used in models Glock 17, 18, 19).

    gun glock 25

    Glock 25

    Unlike previous models automatic Glock 25 works on the principle of recoil when locking bore blowback, so the breech was cleaned projection, set the window-shutter housing. The creators of this model decided to implement its locking system blowback because no high power 9x17 mm cartridge.

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    casing shutter having a T-shaped, made of a precision cast steel and subjected to a special treatment for improving the corrosion and wear resistance.

    trunk as well as the casing shutter treated specially coated "tenifer».

    udarnikovy pistol has a trigger mechanism, the so-called "safe action» (Safe Action), with 3 automatic fuses, including one - on the trigger. USM feature "safe action" is that during the recharge cycle gun hammer cocked only partially, while it is locked by a circuit breaker. Dovzvedenie impactor occurs only when you press the trigger, and the hammer is blocked from moving forward until the moment of complete squeezing the trigger. Thus, it is possible to achieve a monotonous effort on the trigger from the first to the last shot, which positively affects the accuracy. Standard trigger pull - 2.5 kg.

    Sights open type mounted on the flat top surface cover-gate and include removable fly with constant sight. Normally fly equipped with luminous point and rectangular slot sight framed glowing frame.


    power weapons ammunition made from detachable box magazine with 15 rounds dual inline staggered. Furthermore it is possible to use magazine capacity at the 17th and 19th cartridges.

    Caliber, mm 9x17
    (.380 Auto)
    Length mm 174
    Barrel length, mm 102
    height of the store mm 127
    Width 30
    - Without a shop
    - Equipment

    store Weight, kg
    - Unloaded
    - Equipment

    store count. cartridges 15 (17, 19)
    Sighting range, m 50
    gun glock 25

    Glock 25
    Third generation

    Frame pistol together with the grip and trigger guard is made of high-strength polymer material (plastic) type monocoque. Operational framework, which moves the gate-steel housing, reinforced with steel inserts.

    pistolet glock 25
    Glock 25

    Earlier issues had a pistol grip with flat cheeks and grooved front and rear surfaces. In the third generation pistols appeared on the handle recesses for the fingers on the front side of the handle and a small "shelf" under the thumb of their sidewalls under the barrel - rails for mounting various accessories (laser pointer, tactical flashlight, etc).

    All metal parts Glock model 25 processed on technology "tennifer» (Tennifer). As a result of this treatment, the surface to a depth of 0.05 mm around 69 acquires hardness Rockwell units (for comparison - industrial diamond hardness 71-72).

    pistol has a broadly similar structure with Glock models 19 and 23 and has the same qualities as the previous models of the family «Glock» - simplicity, convenience, safety, handling and ease of care, as well as a great resource and a very high strength reliable performance in harsh environments.

    Compact and lightweight Glock 25 make permanent concealed carry comfortable and fatigue-free. Due to a small gun recoil force is well controlled with the shooting, which allows to produce a series of several accurate shots in a minimum time. With this fire performance is greatly increased, even when using the cartridge with low stopping power.

    Glock 25 was originally planned to sell mainly in South America and Europe (because U.S. law "On Weapons" forbade civilians to buy weapons with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds), where weapons and has become quite popular.

    gun glock 25

    Glock 25


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