Pistol Steyr SPP



    gun steyr spp

    Steyr SPP

    Pistol Steyr SPP was created by the famous Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher in the early 1990s and was intended primarily for the arms of police, special forces and bodyguards.

    gun steyr spp

    submachine gun Steyr TMP

    SPP (Special Purpose Pistol - Gun special purpose) is a semi-automatic version of the small sub-machine gun TSR (Tactical Machine Pistol - Tactical automatic pistol). The main differences lie in the absence pistol foregrip retention and possible firing in automatic mode.

    Automation gun works on the principle recoil barrel and bolt. Decoupling barrel and bolt is achieved by turning the barrel in a special sleeve.

    handle located on the back plate reloading weapons and fixed by firing.

    barrel has 6 right-slicing.

    Shock - trigger allows firing only samovzvodom.

    Mechanical fuse

    have no gun, while there are three automatic one excludes shot at not fully latched gate, the second excludes the fall gun shot, the third blocks the trigger before pulling the trigger.

    gun steyr spp

    Steyr SPP
    with an attached belt
    and used shops

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable magazine capacity of 15 and 30 cartridges are compatible with a submachine gun Steyr TMP. Magazine release button is on the left, in front of the trigger guard.

    Caliber, mm

    9x19 Parabellum





    Barrel length, mm


    Weight empty, kg



    count. cartridges

    15, 30

    Frame pistol grip and integral with the receiver are made of high-strength polymers (DCEF 1313). Shops SPP made of the same material.


    gun can fire both with one and with two hands. Bottom frame ahead of the trigger guard is a small ledge used as a forearm when shooting with both hands and not allowing the finger to face the barrel during firing.

    When disassembling the gun body is divided into two parts, one is the shock - and the trigger guard, the other - the bolt, barrel and recoil spring.

    For convenient concealed carry SPP it has rear mount for the belt (belt tension is an additional emphasis). In addition to the gun can be attached and the plastic frame butt.

    addition, Steyr SPP pistol can be equipped with various additional devices such as an optical or collimator sight, silencer, laser designator.

    gun steyr spp

    Steyr SPP
    with the attached butt and red-dot sight


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