Revolver Abadie M 1878 / M 1886

    1878 revolver abadie m / m 1886

    Abadie M 1878

    gunsmith Abadi (Abadie) is considered the inventor of alternating extraction of spent cartridges, which is found in most Belgian and some other revolvers with solid frame. The main principle consists in that the ejector rod is manually, ESTATES inside the drum axis, and if necessary rotated in the pulled direction by clevis occupying a convenient position for ejecting the spent cartridge cases through a door of the drum.

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    M 1878
    M 1886
    Caliber, mm 9.1h17 R 9.1h17 R
    Length mm 221 250
    Barrel length, mm 112 140
    Weight empty, kg 0.840 0.860
    drum count. cartridges 6 6

    However Abadi name much more often associated with a safety device that connects the door to the drum trigger mechanism, which appeared on many service revolver issued in 1870-1900, respectively. In this arrangement, the drum door Abadie interacts with the trigger with a special cam when it opens automatically becomes the trigger on the safety catch that prevents its accidental descent during reloading weapons. For the convenience of reloading the drum can be rotated by pressing the trigger, which is disconnected from the trigger using all the same safety device.


    name «Abadie» was awarded and two developed in Belgium official Portuguese revolvers: officer model 1878 and model 1886 soldier. This weapon caliber 9.1 mm combines the trigger mechanism used in the revolver Nagant, and the drum door safety mechanism Abadi.

    1878 revolver abadie m / m 1886

    Abadie M 1878
    Details revolver

    Revolver Abadie M 1878 has an integral frame. On the left side of the frame is opening back cover designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms weapons.

    1878 revolver abadie m / m 1886
    View revolver during inspection and maintenance

    right side arms at the bottom of the barrel is octagonal steel-rod ejection port.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open hammer, double-action revolver trigger similar Nagant M 1878. The hammer has "all clear».

    trigger guard - moving. If inspection and maintenance of weapons goes down.

    open sighting devices consist of fly muzzle pillar and a slot in the upper frame wall.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with six of the bolt. At the rear cut grooves of the drum are arranged to ensure its fixation at the corners and on a side surface positioned oval chamfer to facilitate weight loss.

    1878 revolver abadie m / m 1886
    Abadie M 1886
    View of the drum trigger, pillar, door Abadi

    Drum equips through Abadi opens the door located on the right side of the weapon. Removal of spent cartridges from the drum shall be held alternately by means of the ejector rod-axis of the drum before it delays the latch and rotated around the trunk with his sleeve, and when the door is open Abadi that disables the trigger and allows you to rotate the drum by means of a trigger.

    revolver handle formed of dense rubber plates held together by a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord.

    Revolver Abadie M 1886 model is similar officer Abadie M in 1878, but due to the fact that it was intended for use by soldiers in its design, some changes were made.

    The model

    Abadie M 1886 extended barrel and handle to handle used wooden cheeks, used single action trigger and changed the look of the device and the rod-ejector.

    Revolvers Abadi issued several Belgian factories, but the main producer of this weapon was firm «Leon Soleil» in Liege.

    1878 revolver abadie m / m 1886

    Abadie M 1886


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