Revolver Adams M 1851

    revolver adams m 1851

    Adams M 1851 "Dragoon»
    Kalibra.500 (12.7 mm)

    In 1851, the talented English gunsmith, manager of the London firm arms manufacturers «George & John Deane» - Robert Adams (Robert Adams) received a British patent for a new design primer revolver own design. Adams M 1851 revolver became a major competitor Samuel Colt revolvers, which in the early 1850s came to the arms market "Albion».

    revolver adams m 1851
    Adams M 1851
    (Revolver device)

    Unlike Colt revolvers with detachable barrel and trigger, single action revolver in the trunk Adams was made together with a solid frame. English model design gave it much greater strength than the one that was at the Colt revolver, while samovzvodyaschiysya mechanism in which the drum was cranked manually associated with the trigger (to enable it to circumvent patent Colt), creating opportunities for faster shooting critical situation.

    sample frame revolver Adams in 1851 - one piece. Octagonal barrel, rifled, is integral with the frame revolver. Trunk in front of a small tide rolling frame. At high tide, drilled a hole through which passes tightly fixed rod with a flat semi-circular nozzle at the forefront of serving the axis of the drum. When nominating the rod forward, the drum is removed freely.

    revolver adams m 1851

    Adams M 1851 "Infantry»
    Kalibra.440 (11.2 mm)

    Drum sleek, five-bolt and semicircular slots which posted brandtrubki. On the rear side of the drum has teeth; locking mechanism is inside the frame. Using rotating drum trigger, charge charge of gunpowder in the chambers. Powder charge is ignited on impact hammer upon the cap worn by brandtrubku screwed the bolt in front of each powder.

    revolver adams m 1851
    Adams M 1851
    (Rear view)

    For secure fixation axis of the drum while firing right on the frame revolver has a small lever-foot, the upper end of which is included in the opening frame and clings to the notch on the rear edge of the drum axis.

    hammer-type firing mechanism, self-cocking. L-shaped trigger, without spokes striker has a flat, slightly sloping cut.

    left on the frame near the trigger of a revolver is a safety lever. If at the time cocking lever is pressed to the frame, then its end extending through a bore in the frame, firmly lock the trigger during the descent.

    Sights consist of curly flies and semicircular plate sight with V-neck.

    rounded trigger guard, trigger C-shaped.

    revolver adams m 1851
    Adams M 1851
    (Top view)

    handle has a steel frame consists of a single piece of wood, cut a fine mesh. Knob handle oval, slightly arched, could be equipped with a swivel for safety cord.

    frame revolver trigger guard, and the knob on the back of the handle shank can be covered with engraved floral ornament. Revolver could also be supplied in a case, in which in addition to weapons set included screwdriver, scraper brandtrubok, ramrod with an additional screw-head ramrod, powder flask, brass puleleyka steel razor, box with capsules, the key bullets and cardboard caps.

    revolver adams m 1851

    Adams M 1851 "Pocket»
    Kalibra.320 (7.65 mm)

    Adams Revolver Colt was the only competitor on the international industrial exhibition held in London in 1851. Committee on Small small British army carried out comparative tests both revolvers, which revealed superiority over Adams Colt. However, the British Army adopted the Colt did. Adams had the following advantages over the Colt: one-piece frame attached weapons superior durability (Colt frame consisted of two snap-on to each other half, and eventually becomes loose, and in the melee by hitting the enemy gun could all fall apart.) Self-cocking mechanism Adams markedly increased the rate of all five charges drum Colt produced in 11 seconds, and Adams - for 4. More comfortable and was loading the drum: 38 seconds at 58 seconds Adams against the Colts. Adams was reliable and Colt: of 25 shots he did not give any misfires, while at the same Colt shooting of 25 charges in "stopped" 4 times. Important was the fact that the rapid use of the Colt had to act with both hands, and Adams fired with one hand.

    < / tr>
    Caliber, mm 12,7
    Length mm 330 292 229
    Barrel length, mm 190 165 114
    Weight empty, kg 1.3 0.9 0.6
    drum count. charges 5 5 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 213 190 168

    Despite the fact that the British Army was adopted Colt, superb quality for the time Adams also did not go unnoticed. Despite the dominance of Colt revolvers in the British Army, many British officers preferred a higher stopping power and better performance Adams revolver, and bought the weapon at his own expense.

    Adams revolver was made by its inventor in partnership with «John Deane» where happened and his second title «Deane-Adams». At the same time he reached so much success in informal circles that manufacturers (patent owners) to meet demand were forced to give permission to other gunsmiths to manufacture it. This weapon was used extensively in the "Crimean War" of 1853-1856. and was coveted trophy for Russian officers, at the end of the war in Russia even started producing domestic copied from Adams trophy.

    Adams M 1851 Revolver was produced in several versions:

    Heavy revolver
      kalibra.500 (12.7 mm) - intended for cavalry revolver kalibra.440 average (11.2 mm) - was intended for infantry officers (to be worn at the waist), pocket revolver kalibra.380 (8, 6-mm) i.320 (7.65 mm) - was intended to carry in your pocket.
      revolver adams m 1851

      Adams M 1851 1854 sample
      With an installed ramrod for ramming charges
      In chambers drum
      revolver adams m 1851
      Adams M 1851 1854 sample
      (View on the ramrod for ramming charges in chambers drum) However

      revolver Adams M 1851 and had flaws, yielding to "Colt" in two respects. First of all, it was not equipped with a ramrod, so that the process of loading was less satisfactory, and, secondly, samovzvodyaschiysya mechanism hampered careful aiming. But were soon developed and tested various types of cleaning rod to ram and 1854 Adams revolver sample in 1851 began producing a lever ramrod, secured with the left side of the weapon. In 1855 Dean and Adams was acquired a patent for a decent double action system that allowed and possible single and double action trigger, which was developed by Lieutenant Frederick E. Beaumont (Frederick Edward Blackett Beaumont).

      In 1855 Adams modified revolver with a trigger Beaumont was adopted by the British Army under the name «Beaumont-Adams Revolver». The system equipped with a spur hammer Beaumont could cock the thumb, as in "Colt" or it can be actuated by pressing the trigger, as in the original model of Adams. Subsequently, this system has become the standard for the vast majority of revolvers.

      revolver adams m 1851

      Beaumont-Adams Revolver


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