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    revolver beaumont-adams


    In 1851, the talented English gunsmith, manager of the London firm arms manufacturers «George & John Deane» - Robert Adams (Robert Adams) received a British patent for a new design primer revolver own design, which has become a major competitor of Samuel Colt's revolvers, admitted to the early 1850s on the arms market "Albion».

    revolver beaumont-adams
    (View on the trigger and fuse)

    Unlike Colt revolvers with detachable barrel and trigger mechanism in single-action model was made at the same time Adams barrel with a solid frame, and the trigger was samovzvodyaschiysya. Adams M 1851 revolver was significantly superior in terms of reliability, rate of fire and stopping action revolvers Colt, however, and had two major drawbacks. First of all, it was not equipped with a ramrod, so that the process of loading was less satisfactory, and, secondly, samovzvodyaschiysya mechanism hampered careful aiming and can not put the weapon cocked manually. But soon were developed and tested for various types ramrod ramming charge since 1854 and Adams revolver sample in 1851 began producing a lever ramrod, secured with the left side of the weapon. And in 1855, the British Lieutenant Frederick E. engineering troops Beaumont (Frederick Edward Blackett Beaumont) proposed a new system trigger that allowed the cock or thumb, or by pressing the trigger.

    In 1855 Robert Adams perfected his revolver, primarily by applying USM Beaumont. Also used a new fuse transferred to the right side arms and a new device to ram ramrod charge. The main external difference between the new model revolver from 1851 steel spokes presence on the trigger a new burst under the barrel, and the location mechanism ramrod.

    In 1855 Adams modified revolver with a trigger Beaumont was adopted by the British Army under the name «Beaumont-Adams Revolver» as an official officer of arms, and the system itself Beaumont later became standard for the vast majority of revolvers.

    frame revolver Beaumont-Adams - piece. Octagonal barrel, rifled, is integral with the frame revolver.

    revolver beaumont-adams
    (View on the ramrod for loading)

    trunk in front of a tide rolling in the frame. At high tide, drilled a hole through which passes tightly fixed rod with a flat head at the forefront of serving the axis of the drum. To secure the right of the axis of the drum frame revolver tide is threaded screw. When nominating the rod forward, the drum freely removed. On the left side is hollow tide on which slides a short ramrod, with long curved handle adjacent to the trunk.

    Drum sleek, five-bolt and semicircular slots which posted brandtrubki. On the rear side of the drum has teeth; locking mechanism is inside the frame. Drum, charge charge of gunpowder in the chambers where the hammer was ignited when struck upon the cap worn by brandtrubku, located opposite each powder the bolt.

    hammer-type firing mechanism of double action. Trigger Thumb spokes, the striker has a flat, slightly sloping cut.

    Right on the frame revolver is the fuse plate which moves along the slot in the frame and blocks the drum.

    Sights consist of the front sight and the sight of the plate.

    rounded trigger guard, trigger C-shaped.

    handle has a steel frame consists of a single piece of wood, cut a fine mesh. Bottom handle oval backplate.

    frame revolver trigger guard, and the knob on the back of the handle shank can be covered with engraved floral ornament. Revolver could also be supplied in a case, in which in addition to weapons set included screwdriver, scraper brandtrubok, ramrod, powder flask, with razor puleleyka key, primers, bullets and cardboard caps.

    Beaumont-Adams Revolver was produced in several versions:
    - Heavy revolver kalibra.490 (12.4 mm) - "Dragoon»,
    - Medium revolver kalibra.440 (11.2 mm) - "Infantry»,
    - Compact revolver kalibra.320 (7.65 mm) - "Pocket».

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    Caliber, mm 12,4
    Length mm 330 298 225
    Barrel length, mm 178 146 110
    Weight empty, kg 1.3 0.9 0.6
    drum count. charges 5 5 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 229 190 168

    First production revolvers Beaumont-Adams was organized at the company «Dean & Adams». However, in 1856 for their production of John Adams (brother of inventor Robert Adams), John Dean and James Kerr organized the London armory company «London Armoury Company». The company continued to produce weapons until its closure in 1867.

    Revolvers Beaumont-Adams began to enjoy a well-deserved success. In the years 1857-1859, they performed well during the suppression of the Sepoy Rebellion in India. Except the UK have adopted them in Holland and Russia.

    success revolvers "Beaumont-Adams" has led to the fact that many gunsmiths produced similar designs or produced under license, not only in Europe but also in America. Modified revolvers produced in Prague, as well as the Prussian arsenal in Suhl. Official license to manufacture these revolvers were sold to Belgian gunsmiths. Many small producers in France, Belgium and Germany produced copies of those revolvers.

    In the 1850s Adams revolvers made serious competition revolvers S. Colt, which is why the American was forced to close its London company, and its model is not available in Europe.

    revolver beaumont-adams

    In a case with accessories


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