Revolver Enfield Mk I / Mk II

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk I
    (Early model)

    At the end of the 1870s by the British Army revolver was Adams Mk III specimen 1872, which was decided to be replaced by a newer model. Various military campaign showed that the bullet revolver kalibra.450 Adams did not have enough stopping power, so was developed more powerful cartridge kalibra.476. Since doubt (as it turned out unfounded) about the suitability of Webley revolver type under these cartridges, it was decided to establish a brand new revolver.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii
    view reloading mechanism

    construct a new revolver, patented in the second half of the 1870s, suggested that the inventor of Philadelphia Owen Jones, (Owen Jones), who worked at the Royal Arms Factory «Royal Small Arms Factory», located in the district of Anfield (UK). In August 1880, this gun was adopted by the United Kingdom with the designation Enfield Mk I, replacing model Adams Mk III.

    Revolver Enfield Mk I was a six-shot revolver turning double acting with unusual extraction of spent cartridges. This gun barrel was attached to the drum axis and using a spring latch - to the frame at the trigger. When the gun was revealed, the trunk fell down, a drum just moved forward along the axis. At the same cartridge cases were held in a stationary toothed extractor breech where then thrown away. To build the necessary efforts served a massive ledge under the barrel.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk I
    (Improved version)

    With this construction, the lower chuck sometimes stuck between the drum and guard frame revolver, and to extract it had to turn the drum manually. Accuracy battlefield weapons remained quite acceptable as long as the gun was new, but started to affect wear pretty soon. In addition, two features of the new weapon - the presence of grooves in Dultsev chambers drum and nickel-plated internal parts of the firing mechanism - forced the authorities to think o feasibility of its application. Practice has shown that the rifling in the breech easily clogged with lead, a nickel-peeled from the rubbing parts and difficult to work mechanism. A month later it was decided to abandon the use of this model in favor of a revolver, which the mentioned features are absent.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk I (top) and
    Enfield Mk II (below)

    in September 1880 was proposed improved model revolver Enfield Mk I. However, his tests revealed other minor flaws, and in April 1881 presented a new modification.

    New modification

    revolver got rounded shape flies that facilitates removal of weapons from the holster, the bolt had tapered shape to the case if the bullet would loosely sitting in the pocket, the upper bridge was integrally with the frame, a structure was added to the stopper to prevent accidental rotation of the drum while wearing a holster. Cheeks handles grooved at the first models have become sleek, a drum stopper has been linked with a door for loading, which is locked when you open the trigger. Latter, in particular, prevents the possibility of accidents, if reloading weapons, shooter accidentally pulled the trigger.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk II
    Caliber, mm 12,1 (.476)
    Length mm 292
    Barrel length, mm 146
    Weight empty, kg 1.1
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 213

    modified revolver was approved under the official name Enfield Mk II in March 1882 and adopted by the UK.

    Revolver Enfield Mk II had a drop-down box.

    trunk, integral with the upper plate frame, with reloading fell down on the hinge. The trunk was attached to the drum axis and using a spring latch to the frame at the trigger.

    Shestikamorny drum when reloading moved along the entire length of the axis. When this cartridge cases held stationary ejector stellate then removed.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk II
    (Top and bottom)

    Revolver had stopper from accidental drum rotating, drum door, which when opened and locked the trigger guard, not allowing the trigger move forward after a rebound when you hit the primer.

    Sights - fixed, open, composed of front and rear sights, notched at the rear top of the frame.

    Wooden handle is attached to the frame revolver was below oval backplate with a ring for a safety strap.

    Revolver Enfield Mk II was in service with the British Army until 1890.

    revolver enfield mk i / mk ii

    Enfield Mk II


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