Revolver FN Barracuda

    revolver fn barracuda

    FN Barracuda

    In the early 1970's, the famous Belgian arms company Fabrique Nationale (FN), based primarily on market police weapons (both American and European), was created revolver that gets terrible name «Barracuda».

    < td> Drum count. cartridges
    Caliber, mm .357 Magnum / .38 Special,
    9x19 Parabellum
    Length, Height, Width 211/130/40
    Length barrel, mm 76
    Weight empty, kg 1.050
    Sighting range, m 50

    In order to successfully market a new conquest of the revolver was designed for the use of the most popular in the world of ammunition for handguns - Magnum revolver patrony.357 i.38 Special, as well as pistol cartridges 9x19 Parabellum. At almost the same caliber of ammunition size and design of these cartridges cartridges are quite different, so the gun was created with interchangeable drums for different types of ammunition: one drum intended under patrony.357 Magnum i.38 Special, the other - under the 9x19 Parabellum.

    revolver fn barracuda

    FN Barracuda
    Revolver, interchangeable drums (.357 / .38 above, 9x19 bottom)
    With the appropriate cartridges and flat cage Ammo 9x19

    FN Barracuda revolver was created by traditional turret scheme and has all-steel construction.

    revolver fn barracuda
    FN Barracuda

    Trigger trigger, double action trigger and open a separate drummer located in the frame. Combat hammer spring is adjustable, allowing you to set four different forces of an impact.

    barrel has six right-rifling. Planned creation revolver with the barrel of different lengths, but produced only model with a 3-inch barrel (76 mm).

    Food weapons carried out of the drum capacity of 6 rounds. Drum itself leans left and is easily separated from the frame arms.

    Extraction cartridges made simultaneously. However, for normal extraction and accelerated loading cartridges 9x19 mm without flange, using special flat plate holder star shape, which were filled with previously.

    Sights consist of an open unregulated removable front and rear sights, performed as part of the frame.

    Cheeks handles are made of wood.

    only feature Belgian revolver, uncharacteristic for this type of weapon is curved for grasping the handles with both hands safety bracket.

    revolver fn barracuda

    FN Barracuda
    revolver fn barracuda
    FN Barracuda

    FN Barracuda revolver entered the arms market in 1974.

    Although this revolver

    different high quality manufacturing and surface treatment, in general, it was unremarkable, simple weapons, no pronounced negative and positive sides.

    particular success this revolver nor the police nor the civilian market is not received. By the time of its release market revolvers already been conquered by such manufacturers as armories «Smith & Wesson», «Colt», «Ruger» crowded and their products. Besides era revolvers as a police weapon was coming to an end - to replace them were actively self-loading pistols.

    As a result, in 1980 the production of revolvers FN Barracuda was discontinued. In all there were several thousands of these revolvers, and amounted to a major amount of models with drums under patrony.357 Magnum / .38 Special.

    revolver fn barracuda

    FN Barracuda


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