Revolver Galand Novo / Le Novo

    revolver galand novo / le novo

    Galand Novo
    Caliber 6.35 mm

    In 1905, a French gunsmith Charles Francois Galand (Charles Francois Galand), who worked in France and Belgium, proposed a new folding pocket revolver.

    this revolver was manufactured in two versions, differing from each other only in caliber, capacity of the drum and the name:
    - Revolver «Novo» used 6.35 mm caliber cartridge and drum capacity for 5 rounds.
    - Revolver «Le Novo» caliber cartridge used 5 mm and a drum capacity of 6 rounds.

    Caliber, mm 5;
    - Stowed
    - In firing position

    Barrel length, mm 30
    Weight empty, kg 0.160
    store count. cartridges 6 (cal. 5 mm);
    5 (cal. 6.35mm)

    from previous pocket revolvers Galan these weapons are smaller and folding handle, making it more compact.


    revolvers and Le Novo Novo consist of four main parts - the frame, the handle of the drum and barrel unit.

    frame revolver - steel, cast-has the left and right sides of the semi-circular cheeks, closing the breech drum.

    the right side of barrel unit is detachable lever designed to be rigid fixation on the drum axle and frame.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with five chamber revolver Novo, or - six revolver Le Novo. On its rear surface the grooves are selected to ensure the fixation of the drum during rotation thereof, and the side surface - relief chamfer oval weight.

    revolver galand novo / le novo

    Galand Novo
    When recharging

    for reloading weapons barrel unit completely detached from the frame, and the drum is removed (moved forward) with fixed axis of the frame.

    revolver galand novo / le novo
    Galand Novo (top) and
    Galand Le Novo (bottom)
    In the stowed position

    trigger mechanism samovzvodyaschiysya is mounted inside the frame.

    trigger is concealed within the housing. Notched hammer shank protrudes through a slot in the housing cover for him, allowing cocked trigger mechanism thumb.

    Trigger - folding. Trigger guard is missing.

    Hollow metal folding handle revolver has ornamental embossing called weapons.

    In the stowed position with the trigger handle folded forward along the arms.

    surface casing of the drum unit and barreled weapons can be decorated with engraving.

    sighting devices consist of a small semicircular flies at the muzzle and the pillar in the form of a slit on the upper part of the frame.

    Distinctive features

    revolvers and Le Novo Novo were light weight, small size, streamlined shape, hidden trigger, folding trigger and grip. They can be easily concealed in a waistcoat. They are also easily removed from the pockets of any clothes.

    However the disadvantages of this weapon is inconvenient system recharge, folding trigger and handle not to quickly bring weapons in readiness, as well as cartridges with extremely low stopping power and penetrating ability.

    revolver galand novo / le novo

    Galand Le Novo
    5 mm caliber


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